10 Best Kitchen Interior Design Ideas

13 June 2020

A home is not complete without the presence of a neat and functional kitchen. Just like the other interior areas of a home, the kitchen design also needs to have its own design plan that suits the essentials of the owner and space. There are seven kinds of kitchen layouts that designers consider in kitchen design plans, such as One Wall, Galley, Peninsula, L-shaped, Horseshoe, and Island. The kitchen interior design ponders on the design standards to provide a modest and serviceable space. These interior design standards will then be integrated with desired and appropriate styles, decors, and personal ideas to create an exceptional design.

If you are interested in finding some inspiration for kitchen design, here are some contemporary and modern interior design ideas that you can contemplate for your future kitchen projects.

Smart Kitchen

The kitchen area is one of the busy home interior spaces, thus a functional and innovative design is needed to easily provide for the needs of the owners. The innovative home appliances make life easier which perfectly integrates with modern interior design, completes a whole design package. For example, a centrally controlled smart refrigerator, kitchen hood, stove, lightings, and other necessary devices can be incorporated into the design, especially modern and contemporary interior design.

Sleek Designs, Materials, and texture

To allow a smooth movement flow at the kitchen area, the design is trimmed down and made very simple yet with an astonishing look. The design is an island kitchen layout that provides more service areas for food preparation and dining purposes. Handleless cabinets and drawers were used for polished and straightforward design. This modern kitchen design gives an overall precise plan.

Trimmed Cabinetry

Storage is an essential home design element because of its functional purpose. Push to open larder cabinets and cupboards are on-trend for kitchen design. It is a significant decluttering remedy for kitchen necessities such as groceries stocks, condiments, utensils, etc. These handleless storage make kitchens look spacious, serene, and streamlined.

Countertops and Backsplash Trends

Clean and burnished countertops and backsplash please the eyes, especially those made with quality materials such as quartz and granite. Quartz is more durable than granite and will not harbor bacteria or viruses because of its non-porous surface. Granite can withstand heat unlike quartz but often exposure to heat might result in discoloration. Granites vary in different colors, thus it is versatile with different style combination. Countertops and backsplash materials can be matched. But if you are aiming to make a statement, try to use a different material for the backsplash and go bold.

 Dark and Dramatic

Dark colors mainly black, can be used for decorating a masculine kitchen interior. Dark kitchen schemes create a refined look and striking character in the design. This dramatic kitchen ideas with wood accents are now overtaking with trends.


Some eye-popping accent colors won’t harm the kitchen design as long as you consider the rules of color schemes. Add two to three complementary or contrasting accent colors, and neutral colors to balance the vivid look. If you aren’t planning for a long term or permanent accentuated interior design, you can pop up the accents with decors and accessories. 

 Warm Finishes

Brown is considered as the warmest of neutrals and valued for its imposing appearance. The color hues of brown complement many colors and provides a sense of richness, stability, and relaxation. Keep the warmer hues in check and the overall look clean and crisp to avoid a dull design. Try to add materials with significant sheer or glass effects for a high-quality modern look.


If you are into nature connection, biophilic design is for you and it is particularly effective in the kitchen design. There are two ways to integrate a nature experience into the kitchen design. First is direct connections which include the presence of indoor plants, natural lighting, water fountains or mini ponds, living walls, indoor gardens, or easy access points to outdoor space. Second is indirect connections through the integration of natural materials like stone, wood, metals, and earthy-toned colors into design and decors. These ideas lighten up the daily mood, and reduces stress that promotes good health and relaxes the soul.

Metallic Hoods

There are times that this particular kitchen element annoys the eyesight because of its not so good appearance. But there are also ways to make it pleasing, or even unnoticeable. To highlight your kitchen hood, try adding some metallic sheer to it that will also complement the overall look of the design. To perfectly camouflage it, try to cover it up by enclosing it with the same cabinet design, or with embedded it inside a good-looking cover.

Curated Kitchen

Design your kitchen base on your lifestyle and it should function according to your comfort. The kitchen is the heart of your home and it is where life happens, thus aesthetics comes after the function. The design should focus on every element that reflects and inspires you.

Interior Design Companies prioritize on the connection and personalization of every interior design to the owners. The whole home interior design should always be versatile on the needs of the owners and complements the space as well.

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