10 Home Improvement Ideas You Should Try After Moving Into Your New House

15 September 2020

 Nothing beats the good feeling of finally getting a new house with the help of personal savings or a mortgage loan. However, one must do some simple retouch for them to brand the house their own. Hiring an interior/ exterior designer might be the best option but it will cost them big bucks, and it is not wise as of this time because your finances should be focusing on paying your monthly mortgage. On the other hand, DIYs is not a bad thing even if you don’t have enough experience and knowledge to do so, and there are some DIY home improvement that is cheap, yet it adds a curb appeal into your new house. Other than making some finishing and improvement on your new house, one important thing to consider when you are buying your house is to have it insured from a title company, you don’t want your hard-earned money and your makeover effort gone to waste due to unforeseen calamities.

For simple home improvement ideas, to help you with such, we have listed below ten home improvement ideas you should try without breaking the bank.

Do A Thorough Cleaning

Always keep your house clean.  Before you try to install some detail in your living room, clean it first. Scour the floors, clean the grout on your sink, re-caulk the tub and shower area on your bathroom and finally remove rust from metal fixtures and wipe away grime and soap scum. Believe me, you might be surprised at how your house looks after a thorough cleaning.

Give your walls a fresh new paint

While others think that this might be a tedious task, the good thing is that you don’t have to be a pro to do this. If you are creative enough, you don’t have to paint all your walls and just paint some portion of it. In addition, you can also use wallpapers to decorate your walls. There are lots of affordable wall coverings that come with fabulous designs that can beautify your walls. 

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Stair Runner is a new trend

If your newly acquired house is a two-story house, then you might want to add a stair runner if it doesn’t have one. It is beneficial especially if you have kids running up and down in the stair since it will protect them from accidents. 

Low-cost bathroom makeover

 The bathroom is a room for your hygiene activities. This room generally contains a toilet, sink, either a bathtub, a shower, or both. This area is where you can also relax after a long and tiring day.

Who wouldn’t want a bathroom makeover? Besides, the bathroom is one of the most significant parts of the house. First to look at is the bathroom mirror. If you find it a little bit old or outdated, then replace it with a new one that fits your liking. You might also want to partner the mirror with a new faucet. Repaint also the bathroom walls if necessary and install some low LED lightings to set one's mood every time they visit the bathroom. Also, don’t forget to replace old bathroom accessories such as towel bars to make your bathroom look new and clean. 

If you don’t have enough space for a bathroom in your current home, you want ample space for a shower room, a larger kitchen, or more bedrooms, or maybe it's time to look for a new house. You can always apply for a mortgage to buy a new home that has your dream bathroom in it along with other amazing features. You can start your day in your new home by going into your dream bathroom, and you’re looking optimistic for the whole day.

Organize Your Stuff

A bathroom with organized containers for everything can look like a huge upgrade. Place a small trash can to put your used pads, tissue, etc. Add a hamper on the corner of your bathroom for your dirty clothes. To organize your things like a toothbrush, deodorant, and medicines try installing a brightly colored medicine cabinet that will fit your bathroom style. Or make another shelf or storage for your make-up, hair tools, and other cosmetics.

Put Up Entertainment Centers

Install a small television o keep up with the news while you get ready in the morning. Stash a small cd or mp3 player on your shelf to listen to music while you rejuvenate.

Spice Up Your Floors

For a fresh and modern touch, black matte floors and walls with a bit of silver for shimmer is a great idea. For some serious and clean detail, create a white spa bathroom by adding white pebbles, a textured white tile floor, and a bright white bathtub. To make things a little bit more interesting a smooth colored pebble as your shower wall is fun and striking.

Change The Tiles

Changing your floor tiles or walls can also be an excellent upgrade for a bathroom. Install raw dark stone tiles or replace the soft and muted themes of old bathrooms. To bring in a touch of minimalism install subdued and natural wood-grained ceramic tiles. Marble tiles can also be sleek and fabulous. For a spectacularly modern feel, a wooden bathtub is a right choice. Instead of the usual square tile why not use a hexagonal tile for your bathroom floor. For a merely beautiful bathroom install pastel-colored tiles. You can also get crafty and creative by designing old tiles and used it to decorate your bathroom walls.

Consider a closet organizer

Again, doing this kind of stuff doesn’t require one to be an expert. A straightforward way to do this is by installing wire shelving systems. It’s not just affordable but easy to install as well. It is highly beneficial since it will keep your floors open for easy vacuuming and increase your storage space dramatically.

Give your house front door a makeover

Your front door is the first thing that every person will notice every time they go to visit your house. It is essential to make it look excellent and welcoming because peoples first impression really matters. Replacing the old and outdated front door will significantly increase the house curb appeal and value. 

There you have it. Don’t be afraid to make some simple home improvement in your newly acquired home so go on and make your home look good.

Robert Viggiano is the owner and co-founder of Sunnyside Title Agency. After earning a B.S. in Finance from Fordham University, Robert went on to become a licensed title agent in the state of New Jersey. He founded Sunnyside Title Agency with his wife, Angela, in 2018.


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