10 Signs You Need to Do Foundation Repair

05 October 2020

If you’re planning to buy a new home, or want ensure that your home’s structure is in good condition, it’s important to know the signs of foundation issues.

Foundation repair can be expensive and time consuming, especially if you’re not aware of the basics. Once left ignored, it may cause some problems in the different parts of your home, which may require you to hire reputable professional foundation services to do more extensive repairs.

Below are some of the signs you need to do foundation repair immediately:

1. Foundation Upheaval

Foundation upheaval occurs when your slab foundation begins to move in an upward direction. It’s asign of a serious foundation problem and may mean that your home structure experiences the opposite of foundation settling.

Usually, heaving will impact your foundation’s perimeter, but it may have an impact in the interior as well. The most common part of your home where you’ll see this problem is your garage walls.

2. Patios Pulling Away

Since the foundation offers sturdy support for your home, it works the same for your patio. Generally, patios are built to be part of a house but once you notice that your patio has been pulling away from your home for no reason, you have to be concerned as it may mean that there’s something wrong with your foundation.

3. Sinking

If you think your house or another area of it is sinking into the ground, it’s best to check it out as soon as possible to know what causes the settlement problem, which is a sign of a foundation issue. If you also notice that one side of your house is lifted, it’s a sign that you should get professional service for foundation stabilization and repair.

4. Foundation Cracks

If you’ve noticed cracks in the foundation of your home or in its exterior façade, that’s a problem. Broken chimneys and wall fissures are also a sign that you may need a foundation repair. So, once you notice cracks, check your home’s foundation to fix any problems.

5. Gaps Between the Ceiling and Crown Molding

A noticeable gap between a room’s crown molding and ceiling is a sign that your home foundation needs repair. It shows that your foundation can’t bear your property’s weight and is already settling. If you have this kind of gap, you must contact a professional at the earliest date possible before this problem becomes worse.

6. Water Leakage in Your Basement

The presence of moisture or water leakage in the basement may be due to the cracks that develop in your basement wall. The cracks may appear because of the soil expanding once it becomes wet. This expansion pushes the wall inwards due to the amount of pressure the soil exerts.

Then, the soil contracts again when it becomes dry. In addition to that, it may shift because of the natural causes, which also adds pressure to the basement walls. The continued pushing pressure from the shifting and expansion of the soil may weaken the concrete slowly and make cracks where water or moisture can enter.

You’ll find out if there’s water leakage or moisture in your basement since you’ll find mold and a musty smell in the air upon doing a foundation maintenance checkup.

7. Windows Sticking Out

If the window jamb or your windows are starting to stick out, or your window glass or your jalousie begins to crack, your windows are probably affected by the bowing of the wall of your house.

As mentioned, if you don’t fix the wall cracks, this may result from foundation problems, causing more damage and your windows might become collateral.

Your windows can be affected as your walls begin to curve from the cracks or bow due to uneven pressure. Its effects may include cracks on your window glasses, which can also result in your windows sticking out from your wall.

8. Poor Water Drainage

Another sign that you need to repair your foundation is poor water drainage. It’s essential that you notice any drainage problems you might have. In order for you to check out or inspect drainage problems, you should check around the surroundings of your property on a regular basis for wet soil patches when there hasn’t been any rain or other precipitation. Wet patches likely mean a pipe crack or breakage that is leaking into the ground around it.

9. Separating Walls

Depending on your home’s design, it’s possible to have a wall structure that isn’t attached directly to your foundation. If you notice that your walls are separating, your foundation might be the culprit. If it happens, don’t wait for a long time to hire experts and get your foundation fixed.

10. Wrinkling Wallpaper or Poster

One of the common signs that you need to do foundation repair is wrinkling wallpaper or posters. If your wallpaper or favorite posters were damaged, it may be due to shifting floors or cracked walls. This is a clear sign that your foundation should be repaired quickly if you don’t want to experience more complications.

How to Do Foundation Repair

Foundation repair isn’t a DIY type of project. Even if you think you can do it by yourself, you’ll require the help of professionals unless you’re skilled and have knowledge about and experience with doing proper foundation repair.

The problem with DIY foundation repair is that you might miss something that could cause a bigger problem in the future. When it happens, it won’t only waste your time and effort, butyou’ll also have to pay for an expensive repair service. So, once you notice any signs of foundation problems like cracks and leaks, don’t waste your time figuring it out on your own and call professionals to help you.

One of the benefits of professional foundation repair service is that experts can check your foundation thoroughly to determine every possible problem and come up with the most cost-effective solution that meets your needs and budget. With this, it’ll keep you worry-free and give you peace of mind.


Your home’s foundation plays an important role to the structure of your property. Once damaged, it may cause some problems, which may require immediate repair. So, it’s critical to notice those above signs to determine if your foundation is still in condition or need a professional repair. Just make sure to hire the best foundation repair service provider to get the most out of your investment.