2D Floor Plans or 3D Floor Plans? Which is the ideal option for real estate agents and architects?

25 July 2020

Floor plans reflect building layout designs and the specific planning of a building infrastructure. Architects may either use 2D floor plans or 3D designs to portray the interior plans and infrastructure of a building. However, 3D representation is a more superior approach compared to 2D plans and we are going to discuss more on this topic in this article.

 Before we dive deeper into the topic, let us understand what 2D plans and 3D plans really are.

 2D Floor Plans

You can define 2D floor plans as a simple digital representation of architectural layouts. Architects can use annotations and dimensioning to indicate the location of walls, furniture, windows, doors, ceilings, etc. These plans appear as text and lines and they provide a topological view. 2D floor plans are autoCAD drawings that do not have any depth or height. Architects may use software such as Photoshop or CorelDraw to create colored 2d plans.

3D Floor Plans

Architectural layouts are can be represented more realistically using 3D floor plans. These plans provide detailed information about a building’s indoor spaces and elements including walls, furniture items, windows, doors, flooring, etc. This type of presentation can be used effectively by architects to accurately explain the plans to real estate businesses. The real estate businesses, in turn, can use these plans to attract the attention of prospective homebuyers. These plans showcase the depths, heights, and perspectives of objects. Architectural 3D floor plans allow builders to recommend modifications, to provide ideas for plan-change, and to finalize designs. This type of plan promotes an appropriate visualization of a building’s indoor spaces.

Benefits of Using 3D Floor Plans 

Three dimensional floor plans can be developed very easily and they do not involve substantial financial outlay. Professionals who develop these plans use 3D rendering software sand their computers are configured appropriately to support the use of the software. 3D designers need to achieve a high degree of photorealism if the images need to be used on billboards.

  • High Visual Impact: 3D floor plans have a stronger visual appeal compared to simple drawings. These plans support the most captivating visualization of color, design, materials, and texture. They can accurately depict furniture and fixtures such as chairs, wardrobes, tables, etc. These plans can also be animated to allow viewers to explore the concept in a much deeper way.


  • Easy-to-create Presentations: these plans can be saved easily and they do not demand a lot of disk space. These presentations can be shared with stakeholders via multiple media including emails or password-protected FTP paths. These presentations can also be effectively used on websites, trade shows, road shows, etc.


  • Architectural Walkthrough: When the design gets finalized, real estate businesses often choose to create 3D architectural walkthroughs, which adds a feel of liveliness to the entire presentation. Interior and exterior walkthroughs allow customers to get a realistic view of the building and to allow users to enjoy an easy navigation through the virtual spaces.


  • Better Use of Property Listing: The real estate market is highly competitive and so developers and brokers should use competitive approaches to get their properties noticed in listings. One way to do this is to usedetailed 3D floor plansthat would allow prospects tounderstand whether the spaces and the plans would suit their requirements.
  • Perfect Visualization of Spaces : A well-designed floor plan is a vital sales tool without which it may be difficult for companies to close deals. Without floor plans, buyers are not able to have a holistic visualization of the home-sizes as well as the spatial arrangements. With detailed floor plans, buyers can evaluate if they should invest in a property.
  • Better Understanding of Spatial Relationships : Some home plans are not suitable for all types of families. For example, a split-level house is not suitable for a family that features physically challenged individuals who cannot use stairs easily. Families with small children would want their bedrooms positioned close to the nursery or families that want an entertaining lifestyle would look for large terraces, decks, or open kitchens that are located at the centre of the house. Floor plans that depict spaces clearly have the potential to convert prospects into buyers.

·     Demonstration of Key Features

 A well-formulated plan gives an overall idea about the building layout and showcases how the interior spaces get connected to each other. Buyers get an idea of how individual spaces work together and can decide if they would buy the property or not. If pool or garden is a vital property feature, this can be highlighted in the floor plan, which would motivate people to buy the property.

  • Determination of Floor Area : Floor plans that are drawn out to scale enable buyers to know the floor area of the property and understand if the property-value is justified. Plans that are accurately drafted provide clarity to buyers even before they visit the property physically. Properties that are listed with a plan have a higher probability of sales conversion compared to properties that are showcased only through photographs.
  • Injecting Life into Demonstrations: When spaces are getting a makeover, 3D rendering offers the most realistic view, thereby allowing interior designers and clients to discuss the various design possibilities and implement ideas accordingly. These plans can be easily modified without wasting tome or financial resources. With interactive floor plans, realtors can engage prospective home buyers to a greater extent. Buyers can even organize furniture and spaces before they actually buy the property. They can even decide on the colors and textures that they should choose for the walls.


3D Floor Plan Services

 Real estate businesses and architects often choose to hire 3D floor plan services to develop detailed 3D house plans that can showcase building-interiors with a high level of detail and accuracy. Floor plans that are portrayed in greater detail and with high levels of accuracy have the potential to bring sales closure. Such plans can highlight specific features such as electrical outlets, shower panels, and cabinets. Detailed three dimensional drawings allow architects to transform visual data into physical construction projects. They can even use vibrant colors and virtual staging to instill a feel of realism in the plans. Detailed plans allow customers and interior designers to gain an overall idea about the layout and to plan the interior design accordingly. Such drawings allow stakeholders to have a better understanding of building-measurements and size. These drawings also prove to be useful when one needs to handle a renovation project or extend their existing building.

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