3 Reasons Why Your Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Doors Have Turned Yellow

22 August 2018

Vinyl wrap kitchen cabinet doors have become very popular in recent years. The glossy finish can make even neutral shades look more sophisticated. Unfortunately, if you opted for white, you may have noticed that your vinyl wrap kitchen doors have started to turn yellow. Obviously, this compromises the aesthetic of your kitchen and may wonder why this has happened. So, we’ll explore this topic further here.


Direct Sunlight:


Most of us appreciate lots of light when we’re whipping up a culinary masterpiece. So, it is understandable if you’ve thrown open your curtains or blinds to allow the sunlight to stream in. Unfortunately, this direct sunlight is likely to be a cause of your vinyl wrap kitchen doors becoming faded or yellowing.

Vinyl wrap doors are likely to change colour within just one year with prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. This is the primary reason why your vinyl wrap kitchen doors manufacturer has excluded this from their warranty. The only way to minimise this effect or prevent it from further deterioration is to use your blinds or curtains or install window film to provide protection from the direct sunlight.


Careless Cooking:


As you cook, you may notice splatters on your backsplash and counter, but have you looked at your cabinets. The food particles and grease can become airborne and accumulate on your vinyl wrap cabinet doors. Over time, this can cause an ugly staining effect that looks yellow.

It may be possible to remove this greasy build up using baking soda and warm water, just be sure to avoid using abrasive cloths. In the future, you’ll need to use your range hood or exhaust fan while cooking so that any particles of food, grease, and steam are absorbed.


A Faulty Product:


If neither of the above scenarios applies to your kitchen and you’ve started to notice this effect on your new kitchen, it could be a result of a fault. Some vinyl wrap kitchen cabinet doors can suffer a chemical reaction that turns the finish yellow. This is almost always impossible to reverse, and you may need to replace them.

The only way to avoid this situation is to choose a reputable vinyl wrap kitchen doors manufacturer. The best manufacturers use quality products and offer a solid warranty to provide reassurance that your product has been made to the highest standards.


If you’re having difficulty with yellowing in your kitchen, you should avoid trying to paint over the damage. Paint chemicals can react with the vinyl and cause peeling that will make the cabinet doors look even worse. At this stage, your only option may be to replace or reface the doors.


If you’re looking for high quality vinyl kitchen doors in Melbourne, you should speak to us. As an established vinyl wrap kitchen doors manufacturer, we have an extensive selection of vinyl wrap kitchen doors in a variety of colours. You’ll also find The Kitchen Door Company team ready to address any queries or concerns you may have, to ensure that you’re completely thrilled with your new kitchen.

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