4 Tips on Decorating Your Lighting

31 May 2018

When your whole living space is decorated with amazing seats, astonishing kitchen space and a breathtaking scene from your porch and windows, you might think to yourself that something is missing. It might be the gardening, it might be the paintings mounted on the wall, or it could be your lighting. The lighting of your house is often, an overlooked matter in decorating.

Light brings out the best in every space that you might have. It makes the paintings brighter, and the walls feel warmer than before. This is the effect of utilizing your lighting. Here are some decorative lighting tips that also add a layer to your already fantastic house.

Choose something that suits you

 Decorative lighting has a massive selection you can choose from; each is heightening your home differently. Some like it rustic and down to earth, some like it creative and eye-catching, and some like it modern and artsy. From Lamptwist Brokis muffin lamp designer lightings to some old handmade ones. You are sure to find something that suits you.

Do not rush

Having a massive selection means you would splurge right off the bat. You should think about it a bit more since the fixture will surely last more than a decade; aside from choosing at random. It is a great idea to take your time reading catalogs, and brochures, getting do admire them on their displays. If you have thought things through, undoubtedly, your decorative lighting would be a marvel to look at.

Think rational

Look for appropriate places to put your selections. If the lighting dangles, take it to the kitchen. If it is a chandelier, then don’t put it in your bathroom. There are some lighting that goes well for each room.

Know what type of lighting you need in a specific room. How do you want the place to look like? Also, don't forget to consider the function of the space. Is it where you usually do most of your work? Then, you probably need to put task lightings.

Check the Shadows

Before installing the lighting, you should be aware of where your shadows fall throughout the room. Take, for example, having a poorly placed lighting in the kitchen would cause accidents.

When the light is situated directly behind you when you are cutting meat, then you would have a hard time working.  Make sure the lights work together to brighten the room efficiently.


Consider your space before you add your decorative lighting to save time and money. Adding pendant lights, chandeliers, lamps, and ceiling mounts would make a statement. But, by using it effectively in your room is what makes excellent lighting.

Once you have decided on where to put your lights, installing them would be a breeze. Having a well-decorated lighting system installed in your home adds a fantastic layer and depth to it. Not only that but you have a selection of lighting designs that are tailored to your preferences.



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