5 Advantages of Installing Aluminium Doors

22 January 2019

Why are more and more construction sites opting for Aluminium doors and windows for new builds or renovations? It just may be that switching to Aluminium has more benefits than you may think.

We’ve come up with a list of five advantages of aluminium windows and doors and why they’re must haves in your home.

  1. Affordable

    Opting for aluminium doors and windows will save you big bucks when building or renovating. It’s no secret that choosing the right supplier or materials for your, build will cost a fair bit so that’s why we’ve made it easier for you.

  2. Recyclable

    In a world where sustainable living is becoming increasingly important especially when implementing it in our daily lives, you’ll be pleased to know that aluminium is environmentally friendly and recyclable. Aluminium has one of the highest recycling rates compared to other materials used for windows and doors, requiring only five percent of energy for the recycling process, making it a sustainable resource.

  3. Insulation

    Yes, aluminium provides insulation in the house. Keep the house cool in summer or warm in winter, the perks of having house insulation means the less it will cost you in energy bills from month to month. If you have an open plan living space that is naturally well lit, that in itself is a bonus, however what about when it gets too hot? By opting for aluminium doors you can reduce the heat significantly. Not only does aluminium provide thermal insulation, it also provides sound insulation, which means you can keep outside noise out and enjoy maximum privacy in the comfort of your own home.

  4. Durable

    What exactly makes aluminium doors and windows more durable? The advantages of aluminium windows and doors is the fact that they’re practically self sufficient and maintenance free, meaning you won’t have to spend on repairing costs due to its corrosion resistance property. Aluminium is a good reflector of visible light as well as heat and naturally generates a protective oxide coating making it highly resistant to corrosion.

  5. Looks

    Aluminium doors and windows are sleek with a wide range of finishes perfect for any type of decor.  Their powder coating finish comes in a wide range of colours with an added bonus of not needing repainting. Create the look you want to fit the styling of your home with aluminium doors and windows.


I am Syond Jones architecture by profession. Apart from profession, I love to read books and watching sci fi movies.