5 Design Tips to Help You Create Kitchen of Your Dreams

26 June 2020

 Kitchen is one of the places for the most intimate conversations and family time spent together. Moreover, individuals who are passionate chefs tend to perceive kitchens differently than the rest of us. For them, a dream kitchen is a source of happiness and excitement. Every dream path to achievement starts with a plan. Designing your kitchen is crucial for perfect functionality. Below are 5 tips for a flawless design.

The First Tip for an effective design is to plan to determine the purpose and functionality of the kitchen area. Other than cooking and dining as the main purpose of the kitchen, these days individuals also use it as a commonplace for watching tv, work, children’s homework and casually drinking your beverage. your kitchen design should be designed corresponding with the number of people that can hang out in the kitchen at a time without crowding it or whether you want to use your kitchen for any purpose other than cooking. Ask yourself:

Do you want your kitchen space to be suitable for other activities other than cooking?

  • Do you want to make your kitchen a dedicated place as a beverage center instead of a common room?
  • What is the rough calculation of the seating you will need.
  • The kitchen does make a great place for a small friend's hangout. It helps you save time in cleaning and serving. 

Tip Two is to always figure out the work triangle space in your kitchen which is the space between your sink, refrigerator and stove. A perfectly calculated work triangle space is easy to work with and tends to be less crowded as well.

Tip Three is utilizing storage through smart solutions. Smart storage solutions mean that you will never have to worry about space whenever you renovate. You can maximize storage by simply placing appliances by priority and use. For accessibility you can:

  • Create a garage with retract doors.
  • Build pull out drawers in your pantry to lift pots and appliances easily.
  • Pull out shelves or the better modern kitchen cabinets that utilize each corner effectively.

Tip 4 is about the most overlooked feature of the dream kitchen: the lighting your kitchen design should have two types of lighting:

  • General lighting will light up the whole space and it works the best with a trimmer to set the lights according to mood and occasion.
  • Task lighting is usually placed under cabinets. The upper light casts shadows underneath the cabinets which makes it difficult to see and is dangerous while you use the knife. one of The most important areas you should install a task light is under the sink.

Tip 5 goes for choosing good material. The material you decide dictates the look of your kitchen and also the longevity. It is advisable to search and correspond your budget and the most durable material for your cabinets, slob and other areas whether it is refined wood, cement/ stone or marble. Countertops and vertical surfaces are the most tear and wear parts of the kitchen and you should invest a fair amount for it. You can choose stone and solid surfaces such as quartz, granite, soapstone and marble.