5 Factors To Consider Before Hiring A Roofing Contractor And The Need For Roof Restoration

14 December 2017


Are you skeptical about hiring restoration services?

Roof restoration is the process of transforming your old roof into a like-new condition, with the help of high-engineered coating products. It is basically reviving the health and look of your existing roof.

Know Why You Need Roof Restoration

The following are some major reasons why roof restoration is important:

  • Costs less

A complete roof replacement is extremely expensive and time-consuming, while a roof restoration costs very less because it requires less labor and materials.

  • Extends life

Restoration adds life to your roof i.e. if it was supposed to be replaced after 20 years, the number would change to 28-30 years after restoration.

  • Sustainable

Roof replacement generates a ton of waste materials, which only hamper the environment that we live in, while restoration generates way less waste.

  • Provides tax benefits

You get tax benefits because roof restoration is a maintenance expense, while a replacement is a capital expense.

  • Prevents loss

There are two types of loss that roof restoration prevents i.e. firstly, when it deteriorates, it might get very expensive to get it repaired and secondly, it prevents the deteriorating roof to fall down on someone.

Consider Before You Hire

There are various factors that you need to consider before you hire a contractor for roof restoration in Campbelltown, or wherever you are based, because it is not just a laborious task, but requires special skills and experience. Some of those major factors are mentioned below:

  • Insurance is necessary

Your contractor needs to have liability and worker’s compensation insurance to avoid any problems in the future. You should always check their contract and other documents, even call the insurance company to confirm the validity of their insurance. It protects and provides complete coverage for your restoration expenses.

  • Local contractor

You should always choose a local contractor for your roof restoration requirements. This does not mean that the company needs to just be local and shall not have any operations in other cities, but your contractor needs to have an office in the local area because roof restoration services are offered along with a certain period of warranty and to claim that warranty in times of need, it would be very difficult to ask the contractor to return back to your city and provide you with his services (if he is not from the local area). The warranty will just be a piece of paper if the company gets closed or vanishes.

  • Price vs experience

Never choose a contractor based on his price because a low-quality service provider might charge you very less than others, but the services might just be a waste of money or a high-quality service provider might charge you way more than others. To avail affordable services, you need to maintain a balance and choose an experienced contractor only. Researching on their previous jobs & reviews of their customers, how professional the employees are and how managed their services are, will speak a lot about the company and will give you enough information to make a decision.

  • All details needs be written

Avoid trusting verbal claims. All the details of the work, insurance claims, and other important information need to be in a written format to make it legally admissible and can easily be brought up whenever required. It makes the manipulation of claims a little difficult and works well in your favor.

  • Communication is important

All keep a check on every work that the contractor will do to ensure A-grade services. Are they picking up your calls, how are they responding to your concerns, what documents are they providing and is there a customer care executive always available to resolve your queries or not, are some of the questions that you need to ask and answer before hiring a roofing contractor.

Hire Wisely

Make the hiring decision very carefully and don’t forget to consider all the above-mentioned factors and more to ensure high-quality, budget-friendly roofing solutions. A roof restoration will benefit you a lot if your roofing contractor is experienced and skilled enough to provide you with the best services there is.


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Charlotte Nicole

Great to hear some news on what to look for in roof restoration. I always think that roof types that can be easily cleaned is also something worth considering.