5 Tips To Keep Your Garage Concrete Floors Clean

31 July 2018

Your garage floor takes some heavy duty use on a daily basis and keeping it clean probably isn’t your list of regular domestic chores.

However, even though your garage floor is probably made from hard-wearing concrete which can withstand the daily grind, it’s a good idea to keep it reasonably clean so that you don’t track any unwanted materials into your home.  Keeping your garage concrete floor clean is also important from a safety perspective because oil stains can be slippery and things like chemical spills and leaked brake fluid can be toxic.

Have a read through these five tips for keeping your garage concrete floor clean:

Tip 1:     Attend to an oil spill immediately

The occasional oil spill or grease stain on a garage floor is inevitable, but it is best to clean these up immediately to avoid the likelihood of slipping or the spill leaving a stubborn stain.   A good way of doing this is to put sawdust or cat litter onto the spill to absorb the fluid and leave it there for 24 hours. 

Thereafter, pour dishwashing detergent or a special concrete cleaning agent on the stain, leave it there for 45 minutes and then pour boiling water over the area and scrub it vigorously with a stiff, nylon-bristle brush or broom.   Rinse with clean water.

Tip 2:     Removing rust marks

Rust stains are notoriously tricky to remove, but many people have had a measure of success by putting vinegar or lemon juice onto the area.  Let the liquid sit on the stain for about 15 minutes, then scrub with a nylon bristle brush (so that you don’t scratch the concrete floor) and rinse with clean water.  You may need to do this several times to get rid of stubborn stains.

Tip 3:     DIY cleaning products WORK!

If you don’t want to spend money on store-bought products, you can make your own cleaner using ordinary household products and it canbe just as effective.  Make a paste by combining equal parts laundry powder and baking soda mixed with a little water or baking soda mixed with a few drops of liquid dishwashing soap - but remember to keep the mixture wet otherwise it won’t be effective. 

You can also create an all-purpose cleaner by mixing a cup of white vinegar with five litres of warm water.

Tip 4:     Getting rid of stubborn stains

If you have stubborn stains or old paint on your garage floor, you will probably need to get commercial products or special concrete cleaning equipment to get rid of them completely.  Paint may be removed with a scraper and some old fashioned elbow grease, but you may need a strong paint stripper for tough, ingrained stains.  Remember to wear gloves and ensure the space is well-ventilated.

Tip 4:     Use a concrete sealant

If you’ve just laid a new concrete floor in your garage or have given your old one a thorough clean and scrub, it’s a good idea to put a concrete sealant over your floor to make it more resistant to future stains. 

Tip 5:     Use the right tools and equipment

Putting your back into manually cleaning your garage floor may just mean you put your back out!  Don’t let this happen - rather hire the appropriate concrete cleaning equipment and get the job done properly without doing any physical damage to your body.

For example, you can hire a high pressure washer, a floor buffer or a floor scrubber at really reasonable rates and get a professional-looking mechanical clean with very little effort and at very little cost. 

Always hire your concrete cleaning equipment from a reputable company so that you get peace-of-mind that the machines are of a high quality and well-maintained and that should you need any back-up support or technical help, the company will respond immediately. 

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