5 Tips to Keep your House Clean with Pets

09 December 2020

We all love our pets and with most people that have pets, the most difficult thing is to figure out how to keep the house clean and tidy. Pet stain removal is also not an easy task because it can leave an odor and also the stain may never go away in the first place. Whether it’s dogs, cats, or even birds, all pets make a mess and it can be a hassle cleaning up after them and keeping a clean house. What if you have uninvited guests over? What if you have to host someone in an emergency? You can’t be doing a deep clean every single time that happens. You need to keep the house clean and tidy. 

Here are 5 ways in which you can keep your house clean with pets and work on pet stain removal.

1. Keep pets clean to keep the house clean 

It’s super obvious that if you don’t want to spend forever in pet stain removal, you need to keep the pets clean. You obviously don’t have to spend time shampooing your pets every single day because that can hurt their fur coat and skin as well. What you can do is pat them down with wet washcloths or wash them with water only. After you do this, confine them to one area in the house before they are all dried off. A clean pet will mean a cleaner home.

2. Get rid of hair magnet sofas

If your dogs or cats are trained to sit on the sofa and if you like to spend that cuddly time with them, it’s time you upgrade the sofa. Certain materials attract pet hair and this hair gets stuck to them. Always go for leather or a tightly woven material that will not attract much hair and odor. 

3. Invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner: 

There are many kinds of vacuum cleaners out there and the ones that have the knack of really pulling up pet hair are the ones you need to look for. You will need a particularly powerful machine that can work on upholstery as well as your flooring. Daily vacuuming can help you stay on top of the sheddin=g and the cleanliness in the house.

4. Clean your pet’s belonging regularly  

Just like pets can get dirty pretty quickly, so can their things. Their toys, utensils, and beds can pick up hair and odor very fast. Vacuum their beds, wash their toys, and utensils regularly to make sure the house doesn’t end up stinking due to their things. Always use natural sunlight to dry these things. The sunlight will kill the germs and the fresh air will get rid of the odor as well. 

5. React quickly and pro-actively 

Pets are like kids, they’re unpredictable and can have toilet accidents easily. The key is to be quick about this and make sure you clean up using a good pet stain removal substance. This will make sure there is no after odor and the scene of the crime is cleaned immediately. 

Pets are cute and they are a member of the family. Albeit a messy member but they are still adored. You can still co-exist with them and keep a clean house. You just need good pet stain removal techniques on hand and react quickly to accidents.