6 Reasons You Need LED Pool Lights

18 November 2020

 LED Pool Lights not only enhance the look of your pool and backyard but save you money and are better for the environment.

What are LED Pool Lights?

LED stands for "light emitting diode."

When an electrical current is passed through a diode it excites the electrons within the diode, making them release photons, which we see as light. This process consumes very small amounts of electricity while producing the best quality artificial light. LED pool lights can easily produce a full spectrum of colors to enhance your pool and backyard at night.

Why not illuminate your pool to extend the usefulness of your pool for swimming on those hot summer nights. 

1. LED Lights Consume Less Power

Old fashioned incandescent lights use up to 8 times more power than modern LED lights. Even fluorescent light bulbs use twice the power of LED lights.

You can replace your old 200 watt pool light with a 30 watt LED pool light and have the same brightness of light. LEDs do cost more than conventional filament bulbs but the power savings alone will easily cover the extra cost.

This first reason alone is enough to make you hit the online stores and order some LED pool lights. Imagine the savings on your electricity bills.

2. LED Lights Have Long Life Expectancy

LED lights are more durable, long lasting and nowhere as breakable as conventional light bulbs.

Incandescent light bulbs have an advertised life expectancy of around 2000 hours usage. However, many bulbs fail well before reaching the 2000 hours due to the filaments burning out. The filaments have a low tolerance for electrical fluctuations. So the lifespan of the bulb is dependent on how many times the bulb is switched on and off. The more you turn on and off the bulb the quicker it will burn out.

LED lights do not get hot and do not need time to heat up to produce maximum light output. Switching an LED on and off has little effect on its lifespan.

As a result, LED lights last 10 times longer than incandescent light bulbs and twice the lifespan of fluorescent lights. LED lights last over 15 years which is a much longer lifespan than incandescent or fluorescent lights. 

In fact, you may never need to replace the pool light again.

3. LED Lights Emit High Quality Light

LED lights emit a better quality of light that is easier on your eyes. These lights produce the best color, crispness and brightness like no other form of artificial light has been able to achieve. LED light is the closest form of light to natural light from the sun. There will never be any flickering light with LED lighting.

LED pool lights are available in a range of colors and there are even lights that can change color automatically or be activated from a remote control. Many people use these colored lights to create a whole new theme for their backyard oasis at night.

4. LED Lights Cost Less Money in the Long Run

May need to replace conventional lights 2 or 3 times compared to LED. 

The cost of the light bulb is not the issue!

The real cost of replacing a pool light is the labour cost to have a serviceman come out and replace the bulb. If you have to replace a bulb every 3 to 5 years the service cost is very high. Why not replace the light once with a new LED bulb so you never have to pay for service costs again.

5. LED Lights are Safer than Fluorescent Lights

Compact fluorescent lights contain mercury which is poisonous and hazardous to the environment. These bulbs can be easily broken and need to be disposed of correctly. They take time to heat up and produce light. They also tend to develop a flickering light which is annoying to our eyes.

LED lights do not have any of these issues.

6. LED Lights Stay Cool

Incandescent light bulbs generate a massive amount of heat and cannot be touched when hot. You have to wait for the bulb to cool down before removal or use a cloth to protect your hand.

One of the main problems with incandescent lights is that they can become so hot that they fuse into the light fitting becoming difficult to remove. Sometimes you have to break the light bulb to remove it. Other times you have to change the whole fitting because you cannot remove the bulb. 

LED lights emit such a small amount of heat that these lights remain cool to the touch and are always easy to remove from the light fitting.

Earthing Your Pool Light 

Pool owners must be aware that their swimming pool lights needs to be earthed to comply with electrical safety standards. There is the possibility that a person can receive an electric shock from an electrical current in the pool water caused by an electrical fault in the pool light.

An equipotential bond or earth is required to all metal structures around the pool including steel reinforcing in the pool shell, pool light fittings, support structures, handrails and fences. 

Pool owners must only use a licensed electrical contractor experienced with swimming pools to install and earth an underwater pool light.