7 Tips to Create the Perfect Mid-Century Modern Kitchen

11 April 2020

The mid century modern design represents the trends introduced in the 1950s and 60s. This kind of design entails smart use of living space. That means open kitchen, space-saving furniture, and lots of elegance.

The kitchen is often allotted the tiniest bit of space in our homes. That’s why it’s very difficult to design a kitchen in a way that grabs attention and also functions flawlessly. If you’re like me and love cooking and baking, you will probably spend a considerable amount of time every day in the kitchen.

If you live in a small apartment or house, a lack of space can be bad news for you. How are you going to accommodate that gigantic refrigerator, those ovens, mid century kitchen cabinets, microwaves, and those 6-burner gas ovens all inside your kitchen? Simple! Embrace the mid-century modern kitchen.

Here are 7 tips to create a beautiful kitchen in the mid-century style:

Open and Floating Kitchen: You can choose either of the two or you can merge them. For those of you who don’t know what open kitchen and floating kitchen are, here we go:

Open Kitchen: Open kitchen is the kind of kitchen which has no barriers or walls that separate it from the rest of the house, or rooms around the kitchen. It is generally adjacent to the dining/living area. Boundary walls reduce the carpet area and also create stuffiness.

An open kitchen plan not only increases the actual carpet area but also creates an impression of a bigger space. Mid-century kitchens often use the open kitchen design and can be beautifully decked up with modern kitchen cabinets for sale to create a fusion look that is neither too much in the past nor too contemporary.

Floating Kitchen: floating kitchen means when the outside walls of a kitchen has transparent walls so that if you have a garden or landscape around your kitchen, it looks like the kitchen is part of the environment, thus, again, creating an illusion of a much bigger space. The floating kitchen, when applied along with the open kitchen design, becomes a unique design in itself.

Choose the Kitchen Cabinets Carefully: Mid century modern kitchen cabinets go very well with the open kitchen plan because they also concentrate on de-cluttering the look of the kitchen while being space-saving and useful. Apart from that you can also choose the modern cabinets for sale, if they are to your liking to go with the kitchen décor. Here’s how:

Sleek and stylish wooden stacks: Mid-century kitchen cabinets can either be made of wood or stone. Use wood wisely and build tall and roomy stacks in your kitchen for storage purposes. In mid century modern kitchens, below-the-counter wooden storages look better than over-the-counter ones. The cost of kitchen cabinets made of wood depends on the size, quality of the material, and the design.

Open stone shelves: if you are opting for stone shelving, go with for modern kitchen cabinets for sale that come with an open shelf design. White stones work best with this kind of design, but you can opt for any other subtle and light shades of stone including beige and grey. The cost of kitchen cabinets with open design depends on the stone. Granite is cheaper and more user-friendly than Marble.

Select Every Item Carefully: If you are constructing a mid century kitchen, you need to be very selective with your kitchen accessories. The design is all about sleekness and elegance. While designing your kitchen, you should also pay attention to the wall color and the flooring. If opting for a wooden floor, you can use comparatively bright colors in the walls. But if you have marble flooring, you should stick to pale and light wall colors.

Select your dining tables, breakfast bars, or bar stools in accordance with the rest of the décor. Wooden dining tables and chairs look good on any design. The round table is not an optimum choice for this kind of kitchen, instead, choose a cozy rectangular one. You can either choose to install modern kitchen cabinets for sale or can also go for mid century kitchen cabinets.

Pay Attention to The Lighting: Mid-century lighting means the comeback of retro fashion. Dangling pendant lights over the dining table or mid-century kitchen cabinets will look great. You can also use street-style lamppost lighting or wall lightings for your kitchen.

Play with Colors: Although pale colors are the best choice for your kitchen interior, don’t shy away from using more vibrant colors in other ways. A bright red tablecloth, or a flower vase full of colorful flowers, or bright curtains in the windows will look great. You can also choose colored leather chairs for your breakfast bar or the main dining table.

Include Plants: We’ve already mentioned how you can use the floating kitchen design if you have a garden or landscape around your kitchen. However, if you live in a high-rise building, you can still add a touch of natural beauty by opting for multiple floor-to-ceiling windows. It will give you a view of nature outside. Also, keep plants in your kitchen. If possible, start an herb garden on your terrace and keep the boundary wall between the terrace and the kitchen transparent.

Be Creative: One of the best success secrets of designing your kitchen is to keep experimenting with it. No matter what the interior decorators suggest, designing your kitchen depends largely on your taste. If you think a particular item looks good in your kitchen, don’t shy away from using it because the books say so.

In conclusion: Mid-century modern kitchen depends on simplicity. Depending on your budget, the cost of kitchen cabinets, furniture, and the looks of your wall and floor can vary. But, with careful planning, you can make the most out of a small space and give birth to a fabulous kitchen. If you want the perfect cabinets for your dream kitchen, contact a reputed manufacturer of mid-century cabinets such as Cabinet DIY.