9 Fun Home Renovation Projects You Can Do This Weekend

14 November 2019

living in Australia own their homes. Since you're reading this post, we're willing to bet that you're either in that group or have enough autonomy over your rental property to make changes.

Either way, you're in the right place!

Our team knows how important it is for you to live somewhere that you feel is a reflection of your sensibilities. To that end, we've decided to share 9 home renovation projects that will allow you to customize your house in ways that will make it feel more like your haven.

The best part? Any one of these renovation projects that we're about to suggest can be completed over the course of a weekend!

1. Cobble Together a Treehouse

We're opening with what we think is one of the most ambitious home renovation projects that you can tackle in a weekend - Building a treehouse.

You'll need required to tackle a job like this including buzz saws, grinders and more depending on the scope of your ambitions. Don't let that intimidate you though!

With the proper guidance and a good tree, anybody can put up a treehouse that can make for a fantastic place to enjoy dinner on those warm summer evenings.

2. Paint Your Front Door

Looking for home renovation projects that you can complete in under an hour? No problem!

Head down to your local paint store, pick up your favorite color and paint your front door. Common front door colors include deep blue, red and green.

Customized door colors can raise your HOA's eyebrows so if you're bound by their rules, check before spending your time painting. Without getting the proper clearances from your HOA, you'll likely be fined or will be forced to paint your door its original color.

3. Buy a New Faucet

Whether you rent or own a house, buying a new faucet and swapping out the old, stainless-steel one that comes with most houses can make a huge difference in your kitchen.

Installing new faucets rarely requires more than a good pair of pliers and the willingness to spend thirty minutes or so following instructions. If you're feeling super inspired, you can throw in a new sink basin that matches your faucet's motif.

4. Colorize Your Ceiling

People always think of doing accent walls when they're looking for low-hanging renovation projects. What most people don't think of is throwing a fresh coat of paint on their ceilings.

Accent ceilings are becoming increasingly popular and can transform the whole feel of your space. All you need to tackle this job is an extended paint roller, lots of plastic to protect your floors and the willingness to get messy.

5. Buy Energy Efficient Windows

Installing energy-efficient windows doesn't make the list of the most flashy home renovation projects that you can tackle this weekend. What this project lacks in style though, it makes up for in function.

With good windows, you'll save a ton of money on your HVAC expenses and will cut down on the amount of noise that seeps into your home which can be a huge benefit for people living in urban settings.

6. Throw Dimmers on Your Lights

After a long day at work, the last thing that you want to do is walk into a house that has bright, florescent-colored lighting. To create an ambiance that's more welcoming and to gain more control over how much energy your lights use, consider dimmers.

Dimmers are only compatible with certain light bulbs so you'll need to make sure that your current set-up is good to go before getting too excited. Fortunately, even if your current bulbs aren't compatible, dimming bulbs are only likely to run a few dollars per bulb.

For an easier solution that allows you to enjoy the same dimming effect, invest in Phillip's "Hue" bulbs which can be dimmed from your smartphone.

7. Redo Your Backsplash

Believe it or not, your backsplash (which is that blank wall that's sitting behind your oven) can have a big impact on the overall look of your kitchen. To replace it and add more flair to your space, all you have to do is hop on Amazon and buy any one of the hundreds of removable backsplashes that they have for sale.

Since removable backsplashes come off easily, even renters can change out their backsplash without fear of losing their security deposits.

8. Swap Out an Appliance

Is your dishwasher on the fritz? Does your dryer tear all of your delicate clothes to shreds?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, the best home renovation that you can make right now is replacing the appliances that are causing you the most grief.

9. Build (or Upgrade) a Dog House

As you tackle home renovation projects, don't forget about Fido! Your outdoor dog(s) would love a house that's both cozy and comfortable, especially when the weather starts to get colder.

Building a nice dog house doesn't take much in the way of skill. Given their size, simple tools like a hand-saw, a hammer, and some nails should be all that you need to get the job done.

Stop Reading About Home Renovation Projects and Get to Work

People spend hours daydreaming about home renovation projects but very little time tackling them. That's a shame because we're serious when we say that a well-planned renovation can completely transform your living environment.

We hope that our suggestions have inspired you to get busy this weekend. If you need additional inspiration on how to get the most out of your house, consider exploring more of the building-focused content on our blog.



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