Application of Led Panel Lights in Both Residential and Commercial Area

02 June 2019

Taking the market by a storm, LED panel lights are being preferred by many in lighting different areas. There are obvious benefits to why such a vast group of people are shifting from fluorescent to LED lights.

The use of LED lights has profits which have fascinated people to use it in both residential and commercial areas. Now a days, a higher number of people in Australia are choosing LED panel lights, as it's been statistically proven that LED lights consume 50% less electricity and in most cases last 5-10 times longer that traditional lights. Knowing the role LED lights play in these areas can help you grasp a better idea to why you should consider applying LED panel lighting.


LED Panel: Perfect Lighting for Your Household

Home is the most important place in our everyday life. It's essential that after a hard and long working day, home will give you a proper relaxing and peaceful vibe. Using LED panel lights in the key areas of your home would be an effective way to bring that peaceful environment in your home. Like the LED tube lights, panel lights are highly decorative and soothing to our eyes.

A Decorative Look

Proper lighting plays a vital role in creating a visually balanced and comfortable atmosphere in your home. LED lights come with different colours from which choose the one that goes with your house furniture, design and surrounding decoration. It can serve the purpose of adding further gorgeousness to your interior decoration. Simple lighting can enlighten the mood in your living and bedroom. Use of different coloured LED lights helps to give an elegant look to your property.

Reduce Your Costs

On average in Australia, 10% of your electricity budget comes from lighting. So, if we look at a ten-year term, then converting from halogen lighting to LED will save about A$650. You can reduce this cost with the integration of different sensors. The use of sensors is already seen to detect light or presence within a room to automatically turn your room LED lights on or off.

No Irritating Sound

As a user of fluorescent lights, you should be familiar with the flickering and the humming sound when you turn the switch on. Converting to LED lights you will be no more annoyed by these problems. LED lights turn on immediately, and there is no sound when it turns on.

Bright or Dim: Choose Lighting that Best Suits you

Your home is where you spend time doing what you want to do. You might study or go to sleep. There might be children in your home. For them, it is necessary that you choose a light that offers enough brightness when they are doing their work so that minimum stress is offered on your eyes. Also, for those who are accustomed to sleeping with a dim light on, you will be able to dim your light to have a good night sleep.


Commercial Use of LED Panel Lights

If you are running a business, then you want to have as much profit as possible. Like many, you should consider switching to LED panel lights to get access to offers that will help in your business.

Energy Cost Saving

Every business needs continuous and proper lighting to offer the employees a suitable place to work. Being able to reduce this costing significantly reduces the expenditure. This is where LED panel lights are playing a crucial role by dropping energy costs.
As the temperature increases your need for air-conditioner increases. LED lights are made of aluminium, which makes conduction of heat easier resulting in less radiation. So, LED does not emit as much heat as the fluorescent lights, and the cost of running the air conditioner drops.

Less Maintenance  - Lasts Longer

Any maintenance work in your company means hamper of your work. The LED lights have a longer lifespan, which means that less time will be spent on maintenance. Compared to a fluorescent bulb which lasts for 9000 hours, a LED light lasts for 50,000 hours which is more than five times. There are no starters, so no need to spend time as you have done in fluorescent bulbs.

Design based on Your Business Requirements

The more flexibility, the better. Every business is different, and the requirement of design varies. LED light panels offer the flexibility of customising them as your business requirement.


Industrial LED Lighting: Proper and Safe 

The industries are already filled with many elements that affect both you and your workers’ health. You should pay extra attention to how you can reduce the effect.

Environmentally Friendly

Compared to fluorescent lights which produce mercury and radiation, LED lights are environment-friendly and can be recycled.

Proper Lighting

In an industry, safety is of the utmost importance, and for that you need a bright workplace. LED lights can provide you with the necessary environment at the least cost.

Safe and Shock Resistant

In an industry, you are most likely to have heavy instruments running which produces a lot of vibration. If not proper and strong lights are used then the shock from the vibrations will end up breaking the lights. LED lights make the best fit here being shock resistant.


Overall after going through all these applications, we can conclude that LED panel lights are the perfect choice for you; whether is it's for your residential, commercial and industrial needs. If you are looking for highly efficient and reliable LED panel lights in Australia, then littil can help you make a big difference.

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