The Art of Turning Your Backyard into an Outdoor Living Space

14 January 2020

If you’re lucky enough to have your own backyard, you can definitely make the most out of it, especially if you’re looking for a way to expand your home or turn your outdoors into a true retreat. There are several different ways you can go about your outdoor living space project, depending on what you need for your home or what you want to add to your home in terms of comfort and maybe even a value boost. That said, keep on reading.

Outdoor Pool Area

One favourite homeowner’s backyard renovation projects is the added pool area with poolside lounge space. If you’ve been contemplating pool installation (or a hot tub), or you already have one but you rarely use it due to the elements, covering the space and putting up new flooring might be the ideal solution for your home. Not to mention that you’ll get to enjoy the charms of your pool a lot more, especially with the lounge just next to the water. 

Other water-based structures are also popular, so if a pool is not the right thing for you, an outdoor bath might be! Setting up the bath area in your backyard is rather simple since the pipes are easily reachable. 

Cinema in Your Yard

Movie enthusiasts will definitely enjoy this particular project. If you have a spacious yard that you’re ready to transform into something new, turning it into a cinema might be just the right thing your home needs. 

Think about it – if you value your movie nights more than any other leisure activity yet you don’t like the vibe and space you have for it inside your home, utilizing the outdoor space could be the ideal solution. Of course, you’d start by covering the area properly, but then you have all the fun of decorating the space and choosing your ideal projector screen for an enhanced movie experience. 

Relaxing Outdoor Space

You don’t need a specific purpose for your extra living space outdoors; if you’re simply interested in adding more room and creating the ultimate relaxing haven within the comfort of your own backyard, there’s really nothing that can beat a nicely designed deck, gazebo, or maybe even a log cabin

These days, you can pick and choose between different design styles easily, so that the entire structure can match the look of your home and your preferences perfectly. You can achieve the popular look by using timber, a material that effectively creates the dreamy and comfortable atmosphere many homeowners seek for their personal getaways. Also, it’s durable, easy to maintain, and looks positively gorgeous. 

Cook and Dine Outside

If you really hate how small your indoor kitchen and dining area is, why not do a backyard makeover and get a completely new kitchen and dining space outdoors? Of course, you can always build additional walls and create an actual room for this space, but it’s also possible to expand your existing kitchen and dining area if they already open to the backyard. 

In the latter case, you can use different materials and even play with different styles – as long as this area is covered, you won’t have to worry about the elements. Of course, make sure to check the essentials when it comes to electricity and plumbing, but this shouldn’t be too big of a problem.

Don’t forget to light things up properly so that you can thoroughly enjoy your new outdoor living space, whatever it might be. Also, when you have a new “room” to spend time in, you also have a whole new set of possibilities to decorate this space however you want to. In that respect, don’t hesitate to take the time to look into the perfect furniture as well as other attractive bits and bobs that will truly transform this space and make it homey and comfortable. 

You can always match the décor to the existing one inside your home, or decide to go with something completely different in order to create the impression of a separate oasis and perfect getaway.

Private Backyard Bar

In case you’re a party animal who enjoys having your friends over a lot, transforming your backyard into a private bar can definitely change the game for all of you. This is the ideal opportunity to create the bar from your dreams, the perfect realization of what you and your friends have been dying to experience. 

Aside from an actual bar and stools, you can set up tables as well as a range of different games such as darts, a pool table, a poker table, and so on. Obviously, you can let your creativity flow for the perfect décor and lighting, not to mention the choice of beverages and maybe even your own unique menu and cocktail list.