Australian government prohibits garbage collection abroad for recycling

20 February 2020

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said at a cabinet meeting that the country will gradually impose a ban on garbage collection abroad. This measure is intended to increase the degree of waste recycling in Australia itself, according to the Australian news agency ABC News.

Last year, Australia exported about 4.5 million tons of waste abroad for recycling, which cost it $ 2.8 billion. As a rule, garbage is sent by sea to Asian countries. Recently, China, Malaysia and Indonesia have banned developed countries from sending them waste. Australia recycles only 12% of its waste.


The country's government decided to deal with landfills on its own in order to avoid pollution of the seas and the ocean. So, the first measures have already been taken: at the waste processing plants create additional jobs, the inhabitants of the country are urged to sort garbage at home. Moreover, experts are already starting to develop plastic recycling projects.

It is noted that the ban on garbage removal will not be established immediately, and each state will independently determine its timing.

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