Basic Important Points to Design your House

03 November 2019

Usually every person dreams of their perfect home, whether we grow up, live with our parents or when we are about to start our family. Building your own house, under your design and taste, is one of the most rewarding feelings you can have; However, it is not an easy task.

Before you decide to build your ideal home, Builder Brisbane remind you of some important points to consider before starting your construction.

1. Location

One of the most difficult questions to answer where to do it? Field or city? How is it in the center?

It is always important to plan with a vision for the future. Search the places that could be closest to the jobs, that have roads nearby, if you have or plan to start a family, including the location of surrounding schools. Maybe distances are not a problem for you, you want to live in a quiet place and away from everything.

2. Number of Rooms

Once the perfect terrain is selected, it is time to think about the design of the project, starting with the size. Do you want a big or small house? Will you have extra rooms or only the necessary ones? Would a full bathroom be enough or would you need two?

To choose the number of rooms it is important to know the needs of each of the inhabitants. This way you will know if you need a study, an extra bedroom, full or half bathrooms, etc. We recommend you make a list and a plan that will help you in the decision making of the next point.

3. How many Floors?

Much of this depends on the size of your land. Once you have defined the number of rooms you need for your dream home, it is time to distribute them among the floors that are necessary.

If your land is large and you want a one-story house, we have good news, you can do it. In case the land is small it is best to expand upwards and give yourself the luxury of having more recreational areas for you and your family.

4. Materiality

The quality of the materials is of the utmost importance for the development of a good design, but they also influence the time you will need to complete your home.

Choosing and finding the right materials for each space can be time consuming and even expensive, but the process is worth it. You can choose natural materials such as stone or wood or some coatings.

5. Complements

With this we refer to the decorative accessories, such as vertical gardens, wooden beams on the ceiling, upholstered walls, indirect lights, all that detail that highlights the spaces of your home, as well as your taste acquired by interior design.

6. Facade

The facade is one of the spaces that we must consider first. Not only because it is the cover letter of your home, but also because it implies the demarcation of the boundaries of your home. Before choosing it is important to take into account some aspects such as the security of the place. This will help you decide if you need a fence, the materials you can include and even the design of your house.

7. Lighting

No, we do not mean precisely how many bulbs to put inside your home or if you should choose warm or white light. By saying that lighting is an important point to check before building, we refer to the location and orientation of your home. The importance of this small detail is that, if you design your rooms taking care of this, you can reduce the use of artificial light sources and supply them with large windows, which will give you natural light and even measure the temperature of each room.

8. Green Areas

Regardless of where your home is, remember that it is important to have a green area, however small, to have a recreational space. You could choose between a backyard or front yard, or a terrace, if the space is very small. The important thing is to have a place where you can relax and enjoy your weekends.

9. Advice

Having the support and / or advice of experts in construction and design is always a great help. We can assure you that you will avoid many headaches and stumbles in your project by having someone who gives you the body and shape to our dream place. It can even mean a cut in time and budget; all you have to do is work as a team and check that your perfect home vision is realized.

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