Beach front round house showcases award-winning ingenuity

18 May 2020

Located on the picturesque West Australian coastline, Branksome House boasts 180° unobstructed views of its breathtaking beach surrounds.

The majestic coastal home, affectionately nicknamed ‘Round House’, was designed by Australian architect group, Weststyle Design and Development, in 2019.

Bold, contemporary and present, the four-bedroom property, inspired by Lautner’s strong, organic lines, pivots around a beautifully crafted central helical staircase, artfully captured by sunlight cast from an overarching skylight above. Featuring the home's sleeping quarters and smaller living spaces on the ground floor, the open plan living, dining and kitchen are segments of a 16-meter radius circular design, suspended by concrete pillars on the first floor.

Transitioning into a terrace, the seamless living space floats effortlessly above the in-ground pool, spa and outdoor entertaining space, framing the captivating views of the coastline.

A project of intricate design and engineering, the sophisticated style and craftsmanship of Round House was brought to life by Perth ceiling and plasterboard professionals, CK Ceilings. Their lateral thinking and innovation saw them awarded Best Innovative Use of Plasterboard at the 2019 Gyprocker Awards.

“The Weststyle design was simply stunning, and I felt it was our ability to showcase our skill and creativity throughout its complex structure definitely had the potential to be award-worthy,” said Clinton Kimes, Managing Director of CK Ceilings.

“Taking place over a 12-month period, we really had to use our initiative to ensure the project not only came in on brief, but complemented, enhanced and encapsulated the detail of the Weststyle architectural design at hand.”  

“One of our key challenges was creating a number of smooth curves for the architecture of the home. A central focus of the property, the curve needed to be both aesthetically pleasing and structurally sound. To achieve this, we layered two sheets of 6.5mm Gyprock Flexiboard to create the curve, which ran into a sheet of 13mm Gyprock plasterboard on the straight to create a beautiful, even flow,” said Clinton.

Diligence, thought leadership and dedicated project management lead CK Ceilings to deliver an award-winning project that not only exceeded expectations, but completed on time and under budget. Thinking outside the box and utilising an array of building skills, the team achieved showstopping results.

“Plastering is a true craft, and we are very proud to see the work that Clinton and CK Ceilings have created using Gyprock,” said Troy Green, General Marketing Manager, CSR Lightweight Systems.

“We are delighted for his win at the 2019 Gyprocker Awards, and look forward to seeing the team continue to deliver outstanding, industry-leading projects.”

Clinton notes the biggest challenge his team faces is maintaining consistency with the ever-evolving technical designs that architects continue to develop.

“As they produce more advanced designs, the need for us to not only meet, but exceed their expectation through further developed skills increases. The opportunity to work with such quality products as Gyprock enables us to do this,” he notes.

“Branksome was a highlight project for us, and a really successful benchmark that has, now, expanded our client base. We are incredibly proud of the team’s achievement, and we’re looking forward to continuing the success of growing our business.”