The benefits of plantation shutters.

03 December 2018

Plantation shutters are one of the most elegant additions that can be made in a home. Initially popularized at the time of the American Civil War, plantation shutters have recently experienced a resurgence of popularity almost everywhere in the world.

 This renewed interest in adding interior blinds is due to several factors. In addition to their attractive appearance and a new dimension outside any building, they are also easy to maintain, protect against the elements and improve the security and privacy of your home.

 The benefits of installing plantation shutters.

They last a long time

Here, at Australian window covering Company, we supply and install shutters for hardwood plantations, such as cedar and lime, or wood covered with engineered polymers. These materials are recognized for their high quality, durability, and durability. With proper maintenance, our blinds will remain beautiful for many years after installation. For added peace of mind, all our shutters have a 12-month warranty against defects in deformation and workmanship.

                                                                   Plantation shutters

 Improve ventilation

The blinds of the plantation are made with slats that can be adjusted to moderate the flow of air. Actually, his initial goal was to control the air entering the building. The shutters rotate to open in a horizontal position and close in a vertical position to increase or decrease ventilation in a room. In modern homes, where buildings are close to each other, many people realize that blinds are the perfect way to create a spacious space without compromising privacy or security.

 They control the lighting levels.

In the same way that they control ventilation, the blinds can be adjusted to create optimal lighting in a room. When open, maximum light is allowed to pass, allowing daylight to cook or read. The closer they are, the more the incoming light is restricted to create a darker and more relaxing environment.

 They are easy to clean

The blinds are very easy to clean and maintain. As long as they are treated regularly, simply wipe with a damp cloth to stay in shape. Even much-clogged fins will not require too much work to be so new, as long as the wood remains intact.

 They offer isolation

In this country, we tend to think that insulation is a protection against heat loss. Plantation shutters provide some protection in this area as it creates a layer of insulation on the window. They will also help protect against wind, rain, and light.

 They can be customized.

The blinds for plantation shutters can be customized according to the room in which you want to use them. They are available in a range of shapes, styles, and sizes that harmonize with the window and decoration of your home. All our blinds are made to order and can be adapted to your needs.

 They offer greater security.

Blinds provide additional security in the home for two reasons. When the horizontal slats are closed, the natural line of sight is interrupted, preventing outside people from seeing your house. The Plantation shutters also constitute an additional obstacle to overcome if someone tries to force entry.

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