Sarah Williams's blog - 2018

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Granite VS Engineered Stone Benchtops: Which one to Choose?     by   Sarah Williams

03 November 2018

granite kitchen benchtops stone benchtop installers Want to create a new look for your kitchen but you can’t decide between granite and stone kitchen benchtops? This article is for you!...

Want to know why a Wet Room is considered to be a Great Bathroom Option? Read on!     by   Sarah Williams

13 October 2018

First things first, what is a wet room? Wet rooms basically indicate bathrooms, which have floors and walls that are tanked. This means that the floors and walls of such bathrooms are covered with a waterproof membrane so as to prevent water from seeping out...

Louvre: A Multipurpose Design Useful for Interior Décor!     by   Sarah Williams

29 August 2018

When you hear the name Louvre, you may be transported to the mesmerizing museum in Paris, France. But, the louvre we are talking about is a design used for interiors of a property. The design is as mesmerizing as the museum itself. It has the power to uplift the look of the whole home...