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Victoria is journalist, freelance stylist and a girl a distinctive taste for home decor. She’s passionate about writing, sharing tips and DIY projects.

How to Add a Touch of Harmony to Your Sleeping Space     by   Victoria Lim

30 July 2021

There’s no better feeling than getting into your own bed after a long workday. Our bedrooms are our little pieces of heaven - a place where we can relax, feel safe, and comfortable. However, your bedroom is also a place only you ever visit, and as such, it’s often left undecorated and pretty blank...


5 Benefits of Building a Patio in Your Backyard     by   Victoria Lim

29 May 2019

There are numerous home improvements that you can build inside your backyard to make it cozier and raise its market value at the same time. An especially lucrative investment is building a patio that would serve as the ideal place for relaxation, dining, and spending time outside in general...

Step By Step Painting Tutorial That Will Spruce Up Your Homes Exterior     by   Victoria Lim

29 June 2018

Nothing will refresh your house exterior more than repainting the facade, and it can be done for a reasonable price over a few days. However, repainting your house exterior can be a handful, even for professionals, which is why preparation is essential...

After-storm roof protection and repair guide     by   Victoria Lim

28 June 2018

Our homes need protection all year round from storms that can damage your home and create long-lasting problems, especially those involving water. Luckily, there are practical ways to address the issues storms create, which we have summed up in this handy guide...

Keep Your Bathroom Up to Date with These 2018 Trends     by   Victoria Lim

27 April 2018

Keeping your bathroom up to date is not an easy task. Sure, you can hop on every bandwagon that comes along, but what about next year, when the world of bathroom design forsakes this trend in favor of something else?...

How to Install Underfloor Heating     by   Victoria Lim

29 December 2017

The underfloor heating will help you minimize your energy losses and easily maintain desired room temperatures. Underfloor heating systems are simple to install, long-term solutions for your cold feet and rooms...

How To Transform Your Room Into A Home Gym     by   Victoria Lim

06 December 2017

If your preference is to exercise in private, it would be a great idea to transform a room of your choice into a home gym. It can be your bedroom, basement, or attic, and it’s a great solution because it can make your daily exercise routine a lot simpler...

Prepare Your Home for Summer Months     by   Victoria Lim

29 November 2017

The summer is at our doorstep, only a couple of days away. If you haven’t prepared your home for the upcoming season, you still have some time. Here is a checklist of things you need to tend to...