Adelle King's blog - Aug 2018

As the editor of BUILD I have a keen interest in sustainable housing and new technologies.

The dangers of DIY home renovations – How safe is your home?      by   Adelle King

29 August 2018

Millions of Australians could be unaware of the potential risks that lie in their home, according to a leading structural engineer. Yenem Engineering Services director Dave Meney says most Australian home owners take for granted the fact their home is safe and considered structurally sound...

Tiny frame, big potential      by   Adelle King

27 August 2018

Historically, Australia has some of the largest houses in the world but this could be set to change, with a 2017 CommSec report showing the country’s properties are now the smallest in two decades...

Perfecting plant style in your home     by   Adelle King

27 August 2018

Plants give a home’s interior a feeling of freshness and calmness and are an ideal decorating solution for that added personal touch and panache. However it can be difficult deciding what plant is best for what space, which is why Henley has created the below guide...

Colour palettes from your favourite TV shows     by   Adelle King

17 August 2018

TV shows can provide an endless source of design inspiration, with colours chosen to set the tone and mood of a show before any of the characters utter a word...


What would make home renovators remove asbestos?     by   Adelle King

16 August 2018

The Australian Government’s Asbestos Safety and Eradication Agency (ASEA) has released the findings of its research that looked at the factors that would make home owners more likely to remove asbestos in the future...