Home Renovation - 2018

Marble Benchtop: A Guide to Choosing & Maintaining White Marble     by   David Giltner

05 November 2018

To this day, white marble remains one of the most sought-after materials in interior design. It is loved by many due to its subtle yet astonishing flair. In general, marble is durable, making it less likely to dent or chip...


How to Ensure that Your Security Screen Door Is Up to the Job?     by   David Giltner

28 September 2018

In Australia, it is common to find several homes with security screen doors in a neighbourhood. After all, they provide efficient protection from pests and even enhance air circulation in their house during warm weather...

Why automatic garage door openers are a great investment     by   David Giltner

02 July 2018

There are several types of garage doors but automatic ones are the most popular option. Those who have one installed in their home could not imagine going back to using the manual variant...