Adam Smith's blog - 2018

The founders of The Kitchen Door Company started manufacturing kitchen doors for the cabinet making industry back in 2002. Driven by adopting technology they were the first company to have a website launch in 2004 where cabinet makers could order doors, frames and drawer fronts online, the website

A Guide to Choosing Your New Kitchen Sink     by   Adam Smith

25 December 2018

The kitchen sink is one of the most heavily used features in the home. So it is crucial that you choose the best sink for your new kitchen. Fortunately, we have a guide to provide you with the information you need to make that all important decision...


All You Need to Know About Laminex Doors     by   Adam Smith

11 December 2018

Laminated doors have a bit of a reputation, but this material has come a long way since the 1970s. Laminex doors provide a flexible option for new kitchens, as you can choose from a rainbow of colours and an almost endless selection of designs and textures...

Tips and Tricks to Choose the Right Kitchen Splashbacks     by   Adam Smith

07 November 2018

Splashback panels fill that blank space between your cabinets and kitchen countertops. This makes a massive impact to your kitchen decor, allowing what could be a dull section of wall into a functional and attractive space...


4 Kitchen Trends That We Discovered In 2018     by   Adam Smith

11 September 2018

There is no doubt that the world is evolving at a rapid pace, and this is no different in the kitchen. Over the last year we have seen how the modern kitchen has evolved; more people rely on technology and gadgets these days, yet for many the kitchen remains the heart of the home...

3 Reasons Why Your Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Doors Have Turned Yellow     by   Adam Smith

22 August 2018

Vinyl wrap kitchen cabinet doors have become very popular in recent years. The glossy finish can make even neutral shades look more sophisticated. Unfortunately, if you opted for white, you may have noticed that your vinyl wrap kitchen doors have started to turn yellow...

Kitchen Door Handles and Other Things to Look Out For in a Kitchen Showroom     by   Adam Smith

22 August 2018

If you’re planning on renovating your kitchen, you’re likely to already have contemplated a visit to your local kitchen showroom...

5 Helpful Tips With Updating Your Kitchen     by   Adam Smith

15 August 2018

The kitchen, as they say, is the heart of every home. If you want to improve this particular part of the house, the most important things you need to consider are functionality, convenience and style...

5 Good Reasons to Invest In Vinyl Wrap Kitchen Doors     by   Adam Smith

15 August 2018

Many homeowners spend a fortune updating the look of their kitchens. After all, kitchen remodelling is one of the home improvement projects that add the most value. But you don't have to overspend in prettifying your kitchen...

Cleaning Do and Don't for Laminated Doors      by   Adam Smith

15 August 2018

Laminate kitchen cabinet doors have been popular for years, but they often have a bad reputation for continuing to look good. However, much of this is due to improper cleaning that can compromise the integrity of the finish and leave it vulnerable to further damage...