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I am Syond Jones architecture by profession. Apart from profession, I love to read books and watching sci fi movies.

8 Tips for Dealing with Your Commercial Aluminium Manufacturer     by

20 July 2020

Commercial aluminium manufacturers are not just suppliers of the product that you need, they are an important player in ensuring that your project is executed perfectly and on-time...

Sliding Windows: A Cost-Effective Option for Your Family Home     by

05 June 2019

When it comes to making the decision of buying a certain style window to suit your family home there are many things to consider...

French, Sliding, Hinged or Bi-Fold Doors? A Go-To-Guide to Selecting The Right Doors for Your Home     by

15 April 2019

Who knew choosing a door for your home could involve so many choices! Need help choosing the right one for your home or apartment? A door is not just a door. Each home is unique in itself and requires different needs, depending on who is living in them. At the end of the day, there are no rules...


How to Stylishly Screen Casement and Awning Windows     by

07 March 2019

Screening casement and awning windows have not always been available as an option for your next building or renovation project. Thankfully, nowadays, screens are discreet and fit perfectly into both design and practicality, and is a choice most Australians opt for...


Stacker Doors vs Sliding Doors : What Are Differences?     by

12 February 2019

The seamless integration between outdoor and indoor living is a key element and trend which many home buyers/designers are looking for...

5 Advantages of Installing Aluminium Doors     by

22 January 2019

Why are more and more construction sites opting for Aluminium doors and windows for new builds or renovations? It just may be that switching to Aluminium has more benefits than you may think...