Anna Hayes's blog - Oct 2019

Cool down with energy tips     by   Anna Hayes

29 October 2019

Keeping a cool home as the weather heats up is all about balance – while your home can be equipped with plenty of devices to keep the temperature down, it often has a sting in the tail that hits you electricity bill!...

Don't be a drip with water usage     by   Anna Hayes

28 October 2019

As the temperatures continue to rise, Australians need to be mindful of water regulations that may affect them over the coming months...

Bring nature home in a greenwall     by   Anna Hayes

28 October 2019

In recent times, there has been a serious push by people to reconnect with nature; whether it’s by getting out of the city more often or by spending some extra time in the garden, we are all thirsty for more greenery in our lives...


Top 50 Rooms winners announced     by   Anna Hayes

22 October 2019

The winners of the 2019 Australian House & Garden Top 50 Rooms have been announced with eleven finely crafted entries wowing the judges...

Bring the Hamptons to your home     by   Anna Hayes

16 October 2019

Taking something American and putting an Australian twist on it is the aim of PGH Bricks’ new Coastal Hamptons range...

Style and substance in Stegbar Splashback collection     by   Anna Hayes

14 October 2019

Quality and craftsmanship are two of the most important factors of any family kitchen – while the sole point of the kitchen is functionality, it doesn’t have to be at the expense of style and design...

It's time to get ready for summer!     by   Anna Hayes

10 October 2019

Spring has truly sprung – daylight savings has kicked in, the AFL Grand Final has been and gone, and the countdown to a long, hot summer is well and truly on...

5 tips to spruce up your yard     by   Anna Hayes

10 October 2019

Brickworks Building Products has outlined some tips for those looking to make the most of their outdoor spaces ahead of the summer months...

Splash out on pool safety     by   Anna Hayes

10 October 2019

Being around water is part of everyday Australian life and, for many, that is based around a swimming pool in their own back yard. In 2018/19, 19 Australian children aged up to four years drowned, the majority of which occurred in swimming pools...

If you don't want to move, then improve!     by   Anna Hayes

10 October 2019

As the property market slows, homeowners are choosing to stay in their houses for longer and invest in home improvement projects to suit their lifestyle changes over time...

‘Steeling’ a march with roof technique     by   Anna Hayes

09 October 2019

A re-roofing project in Netley, South Australia gave Boral Roofing the chance to showcase their particular technique, while also solidifying terracotta roof tiles as a timeless and favourite feature of Australian homes...

Wattyl you paint your house with?     by   Anna Hayes

04 October 2019

Wattyl has launched its colour palettes for 2020 and the two options could not be further apart in terms of style!...