Expertly-Built - Sep 2020

Decorating House with succulents     by   Elison Evan

30 September 2020

In decoration, succulents have experienced a huge surge in popularity and we can understand why. Pretty and easy to care for, these little succulents will match virtually any decor...

Tips for Choosing Door Hardware     by   Elison Evan

16 September 2020

The door accessories that complement your door - door hinges, locks, lever handles, door closers, discharge bolts, doorstop, do their job faithfully...


Why Is Gutter Cleaning So Important?     by   Elison Evan

13 September 2020

Home cleaning may not seem as important to you as it should be not only because of the benefits of cleaning but the main advantage lies in the prevention from the costly and sometimes irreversible impact of not keeping your house clean and tidy. The most obvious example is the gutter cleaning...


The Best Whole House Water Filter for Your Home     by   Elison Evan

13 September 2020

We get it - you want cleaner water. But not just in the kitchen - you want clean water when you shower, when you brush your teeth in the bathroom - everywhere. We don't blame you. Bottled water is so overrated. It is high time you did something more practical to produce clean water for your home...

Useful Kitchen Renovations that Increases Your Home Value     by   Elison Evan

10 September 2020

If you suffer from your old kitchen and are looking for realistic ideas to renovate your kitchen, we offer you some innovative ideas that are easy to apply in addition to being cheap and do not need a large budget to renovate your kitchen...


8 Tips For a Successful House Plan     by   Elison Evan

08 September 2020

A fundamental step in your house building project, the design of the plan must be done with care. The best way to make a custom home, creating your home plan is a tedious task that cannot leave out any detail. The success of your project depends on it...


How to Prepare your Heating and Plumbing for the Winter?     by   Elison Evan

06 September 2020

Winter is slowly approaching, and the periods of extreme cold it implies are not necessarily the best for your home! Snow, frost, hail or simply rain will put a strain on your home's insulation...


Low Maintenance Landscaping     by   Elison Evan

03 September 2020

The landscape surrounding the house is an integral part of the home and should therefore reflect the lifestyle of the owners. Many people would like to have an attractive yard but neither have the time nor the desire to maintain a complicated landscaped garden...