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The $25k Homebuilder Grant – Is It Still Available?     by   Alan Roody

28 September 2021

Exciting news for people who wanted to build a new home or complete a renovation. The catch is that you needed to enter a building contract by the end of December 2020...


Regrouting Your Shower or Bathroom: What Should You Consider?     by   Alan Roody

16 September 2021

Tired of cleaning bathroom tile grout but still appears old, stained, and dirty? Your bathroom or shower might be the only obstacle that makes it difficult to sell your home at your preferred value. But grout staining will always occur no matter how hard you clean it...


28 August 2021

In building and construction, material procurement refers to choosing the building supplies, ordering, paying, and having them delivered to the construction site. Whether it's a commercial or residential building or renovation, many tasks are involved to ensure everything runs smoothly...


The 3 Best Types Of Carports - How To Choose The Right One For You     by   Alan Roody

28 August 2021

For those of us who love our cars, there is one vital piece of protection that everyone should have: a carport. A carport protects your vehicle from rain, hail, ice and sun damage. This reduces maintenance costs but more importantly, increases the lifespan of your vehicle...


5 Super Simple Ways to Save Water (and Cash) At Home     by   Alan Roody

28 August 2021

We use a lot of water on a daily basis. It's easy to forget how much we're using because it feels like it doesn't add up. Unfortunately, this can have negative impacts on the environment and our bank account...

Things to consider when choosing construction materials     by   Alan Roody

25 August 2021

You can have a good design for your building, but quality materials will achieve that. The materials you utilize will determine your building project's endurance, durability, character, and overall success...

A Pros and Cons List: 5 Common Types of Mattresses     by   Alan Roody

12 August 2021

Numerous brands claim to have the best beds on the market; it can be challenging to determine where to look for a mattress first. Think back on how you would purchase another necessary purchase, like your laptop or cellphone...



29 July 2021

Heritage homes have so much beauty and character, the story they tell can be whimsical. However when carrying out improvements or extensions to a heritage listed home, it can come with its challenges...


How To Get The Best Mattress For Your Home      by   Alan Roody

28 July 2021

Sometimes finding a replacement for your old mattress could be a lot of hard work. In shopping, you need to be smart and know what you want. You must know what you need to buy and the specific features you’re looking for in this sense...


How to Build Home with a House& Land Package- 4 Benefits to Know     by   Alan Roody

22 July 2021

Buying a home is a wise idea and is the best decision that you can make. However, it involves various processes, which can be overwhelming. From choosing a real estate agent to attending showings and locating a seller, this can be time-consuming...


Here are some of the problems that may occur if you use more than an inch of sand under pavers     by   Alan Roody

24 June 2021

Pavers are a great way to enhance the look and functionality of a space, but if they aren't laid properly, you'll likely run into some trouble down the track. Throughout this post, we'll share how to lay pavers and what issues you may have if you use too much sand...

Here is a fantastic guide to why regular building inspections will protect your home     by   Alan Roody

24 June 2021

Most of us work hard to save up our deposit and buy our homes, and they don't come cheap, so you want to ensure you are looking after them the best way you can...


5 Things You Should Consider Before Buying Timber Windows     by   Alan Roody

24 June 2021

If you're on the hunt for a new timber window for your home, you might feel overwhelmed by all of the options available to you. And that’s totally normal! There are a lot of things to consider, from size and style, to material and setup...

Vital Things To Look At Before Building Your Dream Home     by   Alan Roody

22 May 2021

Every person has a dream home in their head. It's the place they hope to retire at, raise children, and live out their days in peace. Building that house can be an exciting process, but it is also important to make sure you have all of your ducks in a row before breaking ground...


06 May 2021

Every homeowner needs a plumber they can always call whenever a plumbing issue arises, especially in emergency cases. But the problem for many is finding a reputable and trustworthy local plumber. But this guide provides you with tips on how to find a reliable plumber...

Most important things to consider when planning and laying an Asphalt Driveway     by   Alan Roody

30 April 2021

The quality of your driveway can either detract from the street appeal of your home or add to it. Installing a new one is typically a big job that requires careful planning...


5 Ways to Make Your New Home Safe     by   Alan Roody

20 April 2021

Making your home feasible by working on the backyard, the exterior walls, and the deck is one easy task. However, to keep your new home safe from burglars is one anthill of a task given that they can strike anytime, even when you have someone to watch your home...

Home Security 101: How to Protect Your Family     by   Alan Roody

26 March 2021

Have you just had your first newborn? Or did you just build a new house? If so, you’re probably considering how you can bolster your home security. Astonishingly, around 20% of Australian homes have been burgled at some stage so home security should be a focus for all Australian homeowners...

Common Blunders that First-time Land Buyers Make     by   Alan Roody

25 March 2021

Buying land for the first time can be daunting. From choosing the right location to negotiating the price, the process isn't for the faint-hearted. For this reason, most land buyers make various mistakes, and this is particularly true for beginners...


Why Gutter Cleaning is so important     by   Alan Roody

25 February 2021

When you do a spring clean around the home, your gutters may not be the first thing that comes to mind, however, having gutters that are clear of debris hosts an array of benefits. After all, your home is a substantial investment, so you want to be sure you are looking after it...