Alan Roody's blog - Aug 2021


28 August 2021

In building and construction, material procurement refers to choosing the building supplies, ordering, paying, and having them delivered to the construction site. Whether it's a commercial or residential building or renovation, many tasks are involved to ensure everything runs smoothly...


The 3 Best Types Of Carports - How To Choose The Right One For You     by   Alan Roody

28 August 2021

For those of us who love our cars, there is one vital piece of protection that everyone should have: a carport. A carport protects your vehicle from rain, hail, ice and sun damage. This reduces maintenance costs but more importantly, increases the lifespan of your vehicle...


5 Super Simple Ways to Save Water (and Cash) At Home     by   Alan Roody

28 August 2021

We use a lot of water on a daily basis. It's easy to forget how much we're using because it feels like it doesn't add up. Unfortunately, this can have negative impacts on the environment and our bank account...

Things to consider when choosing construction materials     by   Alan Roody

25 August 2021

You can have a good design for your building, but quality materials will achieve that. The materials you utilize will determine your building project's endurance, durability, character, and overall success...

A Pros and Cons List: 5 Common Types of Mattresses     by   Alan Roody

12 August 2021

Numerous brands claim to have the best beds on the market; it can be challenging to determine where to look for a mattress first. Think back on how you would purchase another necessary purchase, like your laptop or cellphone...