Mark Simon's blog - Jun 2021

Simon Air Quality is a service based company that focuses on indoor air quality and everything that pertains to indoor air quality - contaminants, toxins, pollution, emissions, VOCs, allergens, gases, etc.

Top Questions, Facts, and Concerns About Home Inspection     by   Mark Simon

21 June 2021

A comprehensive examination of a house is essential if any home, condo or other kind of residence is to be purchased. This examination may subsequently prevent you from the costly financial expenses due to faults you were unaware of...


Slab-On-Grade Concrete Foundations     by   Mark Simon

14 June 2021

The foundation of the ground slab is a concrete slab poured directly on the ground, and there is no space between the ground and the concrete. This happens most often in areas where the soil does not freeze, so it is unlikely to move...

Professional Restoration Services Can Save Your Home With Mold Removal, Radon Mitigation, and More!     by   Mark Simon

02 June 2021

At the point when debacle strikes, don't go it single-handedly. Bring in the experts for assist with form expulsion, radon remediation, water harm rebuilding...