How Natural Stone Increases The Value of Your Home     by   Pietra Stone Gallery

18 April 2022

When it comes to selling your property, first impressions are vital in how a buyer will perceive the value of your home...

5 Do’s and Don’ts Of Cleaning Stone Benchtops     by   Pietra Stone Gallery

18 April 2022

At Pietra Stone Gallery, we are among the best suppliers of natural stone products in Australia, with the ability to offer an extensive range of natural stones as a stone wholesaler and importer. This means we know a great deal about the creation and usage of high-quality marble...

Why choose metal for your next roof replacement     by   Joshua Kealy

15 April 2022

Metal roofs are a great option for homeowners looking for a durable, long-lasting roof replacement. However, not all metal roofs are the same. Some are only slightly more expensive than the traditional tile terracotta roofs while others can cost you thousands of dollars...

Beautifully Bold 3d interior rendering Of living room with kitchen Designed by 3d interior rendering studio San Antonio, Texas     by   Yantram Architectural Design Studio

14 April 2022

Yantram Animation Studio Contemporary living room– Kitchen design has never looked better for Home, so be inspired with fresh ideas of decoration for your dream home, image contains modern dining room with a unique chandelier hanging over from 3D Yantram Interior design Studio...

Three-to-watch tiling trends for 2022     by   BUILD

12 April 2022

Optimistic shades, emotionally replenishing motifs, and the need to draw inspiration from nature's organic beauty, all aimed at feelgood fun, are set to underpin Australian renovations in 2022...


These Long-Ignored Household Trends Are Suddenly Cool Again     by   Lydia Colman

08 April 2022

Trying to stay on top of the latest trends in home design? These 14 vintage fashion styles are back in style. Popular trends come and go... and then they return. In reality, while each age puts its own stamp on house design, much of what is fashionable today is a throwback to a previous era...

Aussies do like to be beside the seaside     by   BUILD

08 April 2022

Exclusive new data from one of Australia’s largest residential developers, Stockland, has revealed the nation’s favourite home design and style trend for 2022 as Coastal Hues...


DIY Small Bathroom Remodel     by   Interior Architects

07 April 2022

A DIY small bathroom remodel requires a good amount of planning, time, and money. If you have a tiny bathroom, you can cut down on costs by replacing your bathtub with a shower, adding a large mirror, and a wall-hung toilet...

How to Make Your Home Feel Minimalist?     by   Olive Smith

05 April 2022

It is unarguably true that our homes can become overwhelming and uninviting with each passing time. An atmosphere that once felt pleasant might turn out to be claustrophobic because of the things you cannot endure to part ways with...

Paint whole rooms with colour to add impact and personality     by   BUILD

05 April 2022

The Easter long weekend is an ideal time for homeowners to bring smaller DIY renovation projects to life, particularly indoor projects such as painting...


There are five important factors to consider when choosing a landscaping company     by   GR Landscape

04 April 2022

Your house can be transformed by a beautiful lawn. Your lawn is the first thing people see when they visit your house. Your yard should be beautiful. Landscapers have many different reasons for landscaping their homes. Others do it out of a love for gardening. The economy is one of these reasons...

Should I Buy in a Flood Zone? The Crucial Questions To Ask     by   Admired Building & Pest Inspections

04 April 2022

When purchasing a home, is it worth considering a property located in a flood zone? The answer may depend on your risk tolerance, budget, and what you are looking for in a home. Due diligence checks are essential. These will help you decide whether to go ahead with the property or not...

Understanding your plumbing vent pipe     by   Gold Coast Plumbing Experts

01 April 2022

Do you know about your plumbing vent pipe - like where to find it? A problem here can cause a major plumbing headache. Here's what to know. Question: Which part of your home or property’s plumbing system is located on the roof and never actually gets wet?...

Adbri concrete face bricks cement their place in residential architecture     by   BUILD

01 April 2022

Perhaps it’s the sleek modern look or a nod to the memories of Australia’s brick architectural heritage but contemporary brick homes are increasing in popularity, matching the design desires of architects, designers and homeowners alike...


4 Questions Answered About How To Plumb A Fridge     by   Gold Coast Plumbing Experts

30 March 2022

Does a plumbed-in fridge with ice-maker and on-demand filtered water dispenser sound cool? We demystify how to plumb a fridge in this post. It keeps your food fresh, your meat safely frozen and your beers perfectly chilled. But have you thought about getting a plumbed-in fridge?...


BuildHer Collective gets seven stars for sustainability     by   BUILD

29 March 2022

A community collaboration residential building project in Fairfield, Melbourne, keeps sustainability front and centre as a priority and is a stunning example of collaborative community effort...

A luxurious house to come back to     by   BUILD

25 March 2022

Boomerang House is the stunning home of architectural husband and wife team, Hayley and Joe Adsett. Designed to their own brief, functional family living was at the core of each meticulously considered decision...

When Was The Toilet Invented: A Timeline     by   Best Plumbers Club

22 March 2022

when was the toilet invented The modern flush toilet is probably one of the things people in some parts of the world would say they cannot live without. Toilets or latrines have been around for thousands of years in some basic form...

Capture the flow with REFLEX from Paco Jaanson     by   BUILD

22 March 2022

Renowned Italian architecture, interior and industrial design house, Pierattelli Architetture, have joined forces with IB Rubinetti bathroomware to create the contemporary REFLEX collection...


Trendy Blinds Design for your 2022 Home     by   Shutters Quickly

19 March 2022

The use of blinds has slowly inched its way to mainstream usage in many houses, especially in Australia. Due to its most popular service, a simple windows add-on that shades your interiors from harsh sunlight without the hassle of hanging and cleaning curtains...