DecoPost – the low maintenance alternative to timber posts by DECO Australia     by   DECO Australia

12 October 2021

Leading aluminium building products manufacturer DECO Australia has just unveiled its new timber-look aluminium post– DecoPost™...

5 Things You Need to Know About Solar Water Heating Systems     by   Joan Padilla

11 October 2021

Did you know that solar water heating systems are one of the most cost-effective methods of reducing your monthly energy bill? If you're still not convinced, then keep reading...

10 Tips To Renovate Your Home Beautifully     by   Daniel Walkar

06 October 2021

Home upkeep usually wishes a properly quantity of investment, as it's miles completed to make your property appearance extra lovely and make you experience extra comfortable. To shop sufficient cash, you want to devise the entire undertaking in a dependent manner...

What Kind Of Things Can Cause Major Structural Damage To A Home?     by   Georgie Hawthorne

06 October 2021

Structural damage is something that every homeowner worries about. It can come in many different forms, but it's important to know what signs to look for so you don't end up buying a home with serious structural problems...

Uncovering The Hidden Secrets Of A Home     by   Georgie Hawthorne

06 October 2021

A home is one of the most expensive purchases an individual can make, and it is also a purchase that will need to be lived in for years, if not decades, so it's important to find out as much about it before you buy...

Home Builders Must Know These 5 Things About Insurance     by   Sahil Sachdeva

01 October 2021

Home Builders Must Know These 5 Things About Insurance If you are building a new home or renovating, you need to know about the right insurance to protect you from losses, damage, or shoddy work. It’s not uncommon to hear horror stories about unscrupulous builders who skip town or go bust...

Why Switch to Solar Energy Works: The Role of a Solar Energy Company     by   Joan Padilla

01 October 2021

It is no secret that the world needs to find cleaner sources of energy to reduce the effects of global warming. The good news is that solar power provides a viable option for many countries, including Australia...

How Can Solar Installers Negotiate With Solar Equipment Suppliers in Australia?     by   Daniel Walkar

30 September 2021

People are used to bargaining over the cost of a car but may also haggle over the price of other goods and services. Did you know you can bargain over the cost of a mattress? Surprisingly, it is a thing. And, you can also negotiate the price of your home solar installation...

Some Common Mistakes That Make Swimming Pools Non-Compliant     by   Georgie Hawthorne

30 September 2021

Swimming pools are a fantastic way to relax and enjoy the outdoors in Australia, but there is one problem; many people don't know how to make their swimming pool compliant. Having a pool that complies with set regulations and standards is not hard...


What should you consider when selecting a pool fence?     by   Georgie Hawthorne

29 September 2021

Australia is known for its beautiful beaches and sunny weather, and there is nothing like a dip in the pool on a hot summer day! It is important to remember however that pools come with risks. In Australia, swimming pools are required to have fencing that meets safety standards...


The $25k Homebuilder Grant – Is It Still Available?     by   Alan Roody

28 September 2021

Exciting news for people who wanted to build a new home or complete a renovation. The catch is that you needed to enter a building contract by the end of December 2020...


DecoWood® products create showstopping QLD home façade      by   DECO Australia

27 September 2021

Builder Lindon Homes’ latest creation is an eye-catching custom home, with an unmissable design flair. The architecturally-designed home ‘The Bonaventure’ is situated in Queensland’s Raby Bay, and offers an inspirational appearance reminiscent of a coastal resort...

3D Residential floor plan designer By architectural visualisation studio Denton,Texas     by   Yantram Architectural Design Studio

23 September 2021

3D Residential floor plan designer By architectural visualization studio For more : 3d floor plan by yantram studio A residential 3d ground plan or 3d floor design is a digital version of a building ground plan by 3d architectural design studio...

What Are Pool Drain Hazards?     by   Georgie Hawthorne

21 September 2021

Pool drains are a common thing in pools, but they can also be very hazardous. They might seem harmless at first glance, but there are many potential dangers that you should know about. We will outline some of the most important pool drain hazards and why it is so important to avoid them...

Why is a Pool Safety Inspection Necessary in Sydney?     by   Georgie Hawthorne

21 September 2021

Buying a home is an exciting venture forward in your life, and it is even more thrilling for the family, especially if you have children, when you are buying a home with a swimming pool...

Why Is A Pre-Purchase Building Inspection Necessary?     by   Georgie Hawthorne

21 September 2021

If your dream is to own your own home, then it is certainly an exciting adventure looking at houses and selecting one which truly appeals to you, where you can imagine your family living in...

What is a Pre-Purchase Building Inspection?     by   Georgie Hawthorne

21 September 2021

Searching for a home to buy is an exciting adventure that we all love, albeit an exhausting one, both mentally and physically...

What Is Asbestos, And Why Is It Banned In Australia?     by   Georgie Hawthorne

18 September 2021

Asbestos is a mineral that was used as an insulating material in buildings up until the 1980s. It’s been banned in Australia, as it could have negative consequences on your health...

What Is Mould Testing, And How Do Inspectors Check For Mould?     by   Georgie Hawthorne

18 September 2021

Mould is a type of fungus that grows in the home when moisture levels are high. It can grow on ceilings, walls, and even inside your furniture...

Tools That Every Home Owner Should Own     by   Georgie Hawthorne

18 September 2021

Every homeowner should have a set of tools that they can rely on in times when they need to make minor repairs. Depending on your home inspection in Sydney or even a pool safety inspection in Sydney , you may even find yourself needing these tools more than you would think!...