Sign up to a smarter life     by   Anna Hayes

14 January 2020

Home automation in every aspect of the home looks set to rise. The smart home revolution continues to roll on and it is expected that Australia’s home automation market will be worth approximately $1.9 billion this year, with household penetration hitting over 41% by 2023...

Reducing your carbon footprint     by   Anna Hayes

14 January 2020

Up to 40% of heat escapes from a home through windows. The modern Australian is well aware of the importance of sustainability and energy efficiency, from both a financial point of view and an environmental point of view...

Building for the future     by   Anna Hayes

14 January 2020

Mid-century modern homes will grow in popularity. The construction industry is forecast to return to growth within the next 12 to 18 months and 2020, according to James Hardie product manager Christian Hansen, is the time to re-evaluate how we build...

We've come a long way...     by   Anna Hayes

14 January 2020

Hamptons style homes have become popular in Australia. Home design and inspiration has never been easier than it is today, with access to millions of ideas literally sitting in the palm of your hand...

How Does Pressure Control Valve Work     by   chrisfree

11 January 2020

Basic mechanism of pressure control valve Image credit: CTE Skills Every hydraulic system has an integrated pressure control valve. As the hydraulic pressure builds up, it may damage the system. Pressure control valves save your system from damage, wastage of power, and overheating...

How to Select an Experienced Asphalting Service Provider in your Town     by   Melissa Hamler

09 January 2020

Any work done with planning will boost the time of completion and also the quality of work. Paving roads, driveways, garage, and other areas with asphalt is a tedious job, and this should be carried out with lots of planning...

Advantages of Hiring the Best Bathroom Renovation Service Provider     by   Melissa Hamler

09 January 2020

Just like the other rooms in your home, bathroom is also a very important area where you have to spend some money to make it look and work just like you desire...

Main Features and Benefits of 6-Star Rated Homes     by   Passive energy

01 January 2020

Home Energy Rating System (HERS) index shows your house’s thermal performance. In other words, the rating describes required for your home to maintain a comfortable temperature...