Double Glazed Windows and Double Glazed Doors - build Security for the Home     by   Nicole Smith

12 September 2019

Security is the main concept for any home to live happily. Build up the home with overall safety or security platform; they double glazed new models also come with security features. These double glazed windows Melbourne are designed to fit any window frame ...

Opening the door on front façades     by   Anna Hayes

11 September 2019

First impressions are crucial and your front door can say a lot about you and the design and décor of your home. Your door both makes a statement and acts as an introduction...


5 Rules to House Flipping     by   SamNorth

11 September 2019

If you are interested in getting into house flipping and it is your first time giving it a go, there are a few things you need to think about...

Top 7 Advantages of 3D Floor Plan Design     by   Sushmita Roy

10 September 2019

The 3D floor plan allows actionable insights into the best way to optimize the space available inside the house. With the expressive and comprehensive plans, you can realistically use the interior space while shifting to a new apartment or while changing the interiors of the current home...

Best Roof Material For Sydney Homes     by   AIA

09 September 2019

If you need serious roof repairs and are thinking about replacing your entire roof, you may be wondering what roof replacement options you have – and what roofing material you should use to restore your home...

Dulux Colour Forecast 2020     by   Anna Hayes

09 September 2019

Taking time to go back to basics is the theme of the 2020 Dulux Colour Forecast ‘Essence’, with colours selected in response to life in a madcap, always-on world...

New Porter's range is an adventure in colour and texture     by   Anna Hayes

09 September 2019

Porter’s Paints. Stylist: Heather Nette King. Photographer: Mike Baker. Porter’s Paints has launched its new Smooth Impasto range of uniquely textured colours...

Taking the brush to your teen's bedroom     by   Anna Hayes

09 September 2019

DULUX AUSTRALIA. STYLIST: JULIA GREEN. PHOTOGRAPHER: ARMELLE HABIB Teenagers will be the first ones to tell parents that they need their own space and when it comes to, quite literally, refurbishing their bedroom, it’s important the room can multitask as a sleep, study and entertainment space...

Asbestos Removal Tips     by   jdl de construction

07 September 2019

Asbestos was widely used as a component of the roof covered in splash in houses or as roof tiles. It was also used as a decorative spray on the walls or for soundproofing purposes...

Strengthen The Structure Of Your Roof And Stay Relaxed     by   Oliva Wilson

06 September 2019

It is after lots of financial considerations and hard work that a person gives wings to the dream of owning a home and ultimately becomes the proud owner...


What Causes Drains to overflow and Backup?     by   King Plumbing

06 September 2019

Sewage overflows are caused by issues with your plumbing system. Sewage will overflow when the wastewater is unable to flow through your sewer drains. The most common reasons for sewage blockages: Foreign matter: Grease, tree roots, food, hair and small objects can create a blocked sewer line...

DECO brings New York to Melbourne with a stunning splashback     by   DECO

04 September 2019

Splashbacks are far more than just protection for your wall– they are a focal point for the kitchen, giving it extra style and making a statement...

Things to Consider Regarding Off-The-Plan Purchases     by   Cite Group

31 August 2019

Are you the type of person that loves to snap up a bargain especially when it comes to buying a property? If so, keep reading!...

Sydney Scaffolding Companies: Duties, Responsibilities and Obligations     by   Martin Taufel

30 August 2019

What is a scaffold? "“A scaffold is a temporary structure erected to support access or working platforms...

Rejuvenate and improve the home with sliding doors and double glazing windows     by   Weatherall Windows

29 August 2019

Who doesn’t want a beautiful house? We always pay extra efforts to keep the home look classy; and for that, we also spare time and money. You might be keen to know the concept of sliding doors and double glazing windows at the current stage...


Construction what Materials are Best for Building a House?     by   Jon martin

29 August 2019

Building your own home with builder Brisbane can be a very interesting alternative for many of the people who are looking for a new home...

A guide to choosing the brick in your wall     by   Anna Hayes

26 August 2019

Kitchen/living room with exposed brick. PGH Bricks & Pavers has released its 2019 PGH Bricks Style Guide with nine new collections to inspire those building or renovating their home...

Things To Keep In Mind When You Are Looking For A Locksmith      by   Oliva Wilson

23 August 2019

Locksmiths play an important role in our everyday life. From forging keys to helping you deal with an emergency lock-out situation, their role is crucial. Without the help of the locksmiths, you won’t be able to find a way inside your home or office, and you may need to take some drastic measures...

Stop Dangerous Pests from Destroying Your Home     by   Protech Pest Control

23 August 2019

Pests can make your beloved home feel like a dangerous, unwelcoming place for your family. Pest controllers in Melbourne have seen some pretty incredible things in the homes and buildings around the city. Creeping, crawling invaders can cause structural damage to homes and create big messes...

Melbourne Home Show 2019     by   Anna Hayes

22 August 2019

The show featured a range of speakers. Thousands of people flocked to Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre last week for this year’s Home Show, the country’s longest-running building and renovation event...