Looking To Get Rustic Garden Art? Why Should You Be Using Garden Sculptures And Decorations?     by   Olive Smith

31 August 2020

Gardening is an art. Art is very important to any landscape designs. Adding an aesthetic piece of outdoor sculpture can truly revamp the look of any garden...

DecoBatten adds showstopping design to Zephyr and Stone’s Coastal inspired duplex     by   DECO Australia

28 August 2020

DECO Australia’s leading range of architectural timber-look aluminium battens have added a striking design feature to Zephyr and Stone’s latest project, ‘#Coastal2Ways” in Queensland...

DECO cladding and battens add elegance to luxury apartments     by   DECO Australia

28 August 2020

DECO Australia’s leading range of timber-look aluminium building products have added natural warmth and sophistication to Mosaic Design and OGE Group’s latest award-winning luxury apartment buildings...

How To Repair A Hole In Drywall? #1 Easiest Technique     by   Elison Evan

27 August 2020

Whether you have a hole in the wall or a wet spot on the ceiling that needs to be repaired using this technique will make you a pro even if you have never done drywall repairs before...

Help Choosing the Right Electrician     by   Elison Evan

27 August 2020

When the time comes that you need a professional Ashgrove electrician to carry out work around your home, how do you go about finding someone suited to the job and how do choose from the myriad choices listed online?...


Five tips to help you spring into Spring!     by   Anna Hayes

26 August 2020

With Spring fast approaching, and yet more time being spent at home, now is the time to think about how to best optimise your outdoor spaces. Creating a backyard that uplifts and inspires is a great way to encourage more time spent outdoors...

How To Ensure The Best Hot Water Services For Your House?     by   Melissa Hamler

25 August 2020

Cold showers are one of the most undesirable things you want to experience during the winter season. However, there is nothing as comforting and relaxing as a steaming hot water bath...


Benefits of Hiring Epoxy Floor Coating Services     by   Mark Simon

24 August 2020

Securing the floor of your business or home to ensure that it stays safe and clean after years of use is one of the primaries aims of home or business owners. The epoxy flooring is a durable option to choose for coating and makes it aesthetically pleasing as well...

Some Mistakes Civil Contractors Need to Avoid     by   Mark Simon

24 August 2020

The job of civil contractors is not easy; there is no doubt about it. These people are responsible for everything from the beginning of a construction project, until the end...

Curtains vs Blinds: Advantages & Disadvantages      by   Nikky

22 August 2020

We all understand the importance of having proper interior designing done in our living or working spaces. It reflects our style as well as our preferences so we really have to make sure we take the right decision...

The Pros and Cons to Different Types of Glass     by   Alan Roody

16 August 2020

Glass is one of the most important construction building materials in both domestic and commercial settings. Today, there are many glass types available on the market and each one offers a unique difference...


Maple Kitchen Cabinets: Their Benefits and Features     by   Elison Evan

16 August 2020

In recent years, maple kitchen cabinets have gained great popularity. They’re favored by homeowners and interior designers alike, largely because of their versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal...


Why Fibreglass Pools Are More Popular Than Concrete Pools     by   Alan Roody

13 August 2020

Buying a swimming pool for your property is a big investment. Naturally, you’ll want to be sure that you’re opting for the best type of pool that is worth the investment and can be of long term use...


Wellbeing top of agenda as home owners look to bring the outside in     by   Anna Hayes

12 August 2020

Research has shown that our built environment has a significant effect on our overall wellbeing and, in response to that, there has been a steady increase in the use of decorative timber in our homes in recent years...

Planning To Give DIY Retaining Walls? Here's What You Should And Shouldn't Do!     by   Olive Smith

10 August 2020

Your love for nature and hilly surroundings has persuaded you to buy a house in hilly terrain. It's the perfect home that you had imagined, but there is a minor hick-up. The landscaping cannot be done the proper way due to soil erosion...


Why Should You Paint Your Home With Eco-Friendly Paints?     by   Emma Sneddon

06 August 2020

Residential Painters Sydney One of the most buzzed terms of this current millennium is ‘eco-friendly lifestyle’. From our ways to build our homes to the fuel we use in our vehicles, we’ve come to realise the importance of looking after the environment as much as we can, in every aspect of our life...

Top tips for clearing a blocked drain     by   Alan Roody

06 August 2020

Blocked drains are one of the most common reasons you may need to find a professional plumber and have it fixed right away. When water cannot drain or is slow to drain, you will find your home is filled with foul odours and your sink may become dangerously close to overflowing...


Smart home security ideas to protect your property     by   Anna Hayes

04 August 2020

Hundreds of thousands of Australians experience home burglaries each year. In 2018-19 alone, an estimated 231,000 households had at least one break-in, and almost 200,000 experienced an attempted break-in...


How To Stay On Top Of A Home Renovation     by   SamNorth

31 July 2020

Our homes are our castles and we want them to be perfect. In 2020, now that we’re spending more time at home than ever before, we are looking to add value, comfort and functionality to our homes. To achieve this, many people are turning to renovations...

Mastering Monochromatic Bathroom Design      by   Anna Hayes

23 July 2020

Single colour interiors are a bold, vibrant choice for any room. Here is how to create a monochromatic bathroom for a dramatic and surprisingly appealing look and feel...