A luxurious house to come back to     by   BUILD

25 March 2022

Boomerang House is the stunning home of architectural husband and wife team, Hayley and Joe Adsett. Designed to their own brief, functional family living was at the core of each meticulously considered decision...

When Was The Toilet Invented: A Timeline     by   Best Plumbers Club

22 March 2022

when was the toilet invented The modern flush toilet is probably one of the things people in some parts of the world would say they cannot live without. Toilets or latrines have been around for thousands of years in some basic form...

Capture the flow with REFLEX from Paco Jaanson     by   BUILD

22 March 2022

Renowned Italian architecture, interior and industrial design house, Pierattelli Architetture, have joined forces with IB Rubinetti bathroomware to create the contemporary REFLEX collection...


Fabulous 2 Floor House Design Floor Plan by 3d floor Plan designer, New York City, New York     by   Yantram Architectural Design Studio

21 March 2022

Yantram Animation studio This is a Fabulous 2 Floor House Design Floor Plan by a 3d floor Plan designer, New York City, New York...

Trendy Blinds Design for your 2022 Home     by   Shutters Quickly

19 March 2022

The use of blinds has slowly inched its way to mainstream usage in many houses, especially in Australia. Due to its most popular service, a simple windows add-on that shades your interiors from harsh sunlight without the hassle of hanging and cleaning curtains...

The smartest bathroom upgrade you can make     by   BUILD

18 March 2022

If you’re thinking about selling your property, the chances are you’ve thought about taking on some renovations before you do. Whilst market trends will likely be the major factor affecting your property market value, it is still worth making improvements to add additional value...

Vintage Bedroom Ideas     by   Lydia Colman

16 March 2022

To create antique bedrooms that are snug, comfortable, and beautifully collected, look to patterns, patinas, and objects from previous eras. Vintage bedrooms that have been thoughtfully furnished blend reused furnishings, uneven patinas, and architectural salvage in unique ways...

Creating the Contemporary Hamptons look - inside and out     by   BUILD

15 March 2022

There’s a new Hamptons on the Aussie block in 2022. Melding classic Hamptons with Modern Australian design, the new Contemporary Hamptons is an audacious hybrid which catches the eye and sparks conversations...

Pipe Relining: The Best Strategy to Repair Damaged Pipes     by   Civic Plumbing

15 March 2022

Does your rental develop a serious blocked drain on its sewer pipe? It could be a nightmare. Not only for your tenant but for you as a landlord as well. A plumber will suggest two methods to solve the problem: pipe replacement or pipe relining Sydney...

It’s Simple Finance Mortgage Brokers Sydney Aid with Home Construction Loans     by   It's Simple Finance

14 March 2022

An increasingly large number of families believe they’ll never be able to afford their own home. It’s Simple Finance founder, Joseph Daoud, specializes in connecting individuals with lending institutions to help them realize the dream of home ownership with affordable interest rates...


Repair a Hole in Your Gutter     by   Vic P

10 March 2022

Many people think that a few holes in the guttering system means that they have to replace it right away. Well, you're not far from the truth. Except the fact that you can postpone the gutter replacement with a few months if you patch the hole in time...


This is a test blog from Victor     by   Victor Phan

10 March 2022

2022 will be a time of simplicity and naturalness. The focus for the bathroom, more than any other room in the home, will incorporate the key trends of wellness and self-care, with an emphasis on the importance of creating harmony...


How to avoid a renovation budget blowout     by   BUILD

07 March 2022

As home renovations and new home constructions surge in 2022, many homeowners are at risk of adding time, cost and stress to the process by failing to meet regulatory standards...

Bathrooms become more thoughtful and the shower takes centre stage     by   BUILD

04 March 2022

2022 will be a time of simplicity and naturalness. The focus for the bathroom, more than any other room in the home, will incorporate the key trends of wellness and self-care, with an emphasis on the importance of creating harmony...


Third version of ‘Perfect Pairings’ released by Wattyl and Caesarstone     by   BUILD

01 March 2022

Wattyl and Caesarstone have announced a brand-new chapter in their ever popular Perfect Pairings concept – with this latest iteration including outdoor finishes for kitchens and entertaining areas...


WA building regulator offers warning on warranty insurance     by   BUILD

28 February 2022

WA’s building regulator is urging home building clients not to pay deposits without seeing evidence that the builder has a home indemnity insurance (HII) policy in place for their project. The advice from Building and Energy applies to residential building work valued over $20,000...

London calling in Austral Bricks’ new collection     by   BUILD

25 February 2022

Elegant and refined, the new Park Lane range by Austral Bricks is inspired by the Georgian Townhouses and Victorian mansions that line the streets of London’s magnificent old town...


Know the renovation rules     by   BUILD

24 February 2022

Victorians keen to fix up their homes while summer is still here can avoid dangerous pitfalls by knowing the latest rules around renovation...

Don’t get caught with a COVID money pit     by   BUILD

22 February 2022

The pandemic has created a property boom like no other we have seen before, but one leading property expert is warning people to be careful. Dan Sofo is the founder and chief executive of Unicorn Buyer’s Agents and is an expert in the property market trends of Sydney...


Making room for colour     by   BUILD

17 February 2022

Suited to many architectural and decorative styles, the 2022 Colour Trends palette from paint brand, Benjamin Moore, encourages creativity with colour. With a focus on designing spaces where homeowners can retreat and relax, the palette of 14 colours draws inspiration from a floral study...