Tips on Choosing the Right Concrete Companies     by   ozinfohub

29 January 2018

The role of technology is increasing in today’s construction industry. A construction industry is nothing without concrete because this the most-used material in construction works...


Real vs. fake     by   Adelle King

29 January 2018

Faux building products and synthetic building materials are changing the way homes are being built as more homeowners and builders become aware of the low maintenance and environmental benefits these can offer...

New Trends in Construction Materials in 2018     by   Derek Lotts

26 January 2018

In the year 2018, many interesting construction projects will be built in every part of the world. A 50km transit lane consisting of a series of bridges and undersea tunnels will connect Hong-Kong, Zhuhai and Macao, the three major cities on the Pearl River Delta...


Australia’s Modern Home Building Trends     by   Derek Lotts

25 January 2018

In 2017, Australia saw a lot of people building their own homes. Of course, this means witnessed a lot of new home building trends emerge. And as more and more young people are designing their homes, we can expect quite a few trends to gain some extra attention in 2018...

Practical Tips to Help Improve your Investments in 2018     by   Lara Lain

25 January 2018

If you own an investment property or even more than one, you will probably have a good understanding about protecting your investments, and using them to your benefit. If you are new to investment, there is a lot to learn, and it all begins with the basics...

11 Simple Financial Rules To Get You Through Your Renovation     by   Lara Lain

24 January 2018

Everyone wants financial stability, and securing financial independence requires discipline. Getting through a renovation without blowing your budget also requires discipline, and you can use these basic rules of finance to ensure your renovation is managed properly...

Could self-healing concrete become a reality?     by   Adelle King

24 January 2018

Cracking concrete could be a thing of the past thanks to researchers at Binghamton University in New York who have begun developing a self-healing concrete . The researchers have found that mixing a fungus called Trichoderma reesei with concrete results in the fungal spores growing to heal cracks...


Battle of the Stone Benchtops: Natural vs. Engineered Stone     by   Tonisha Parra

22 January 2018

Do you plan on adding a brand new benchtop? Have you decided on the material for the benchtop? The most popular choice is stone, but there has been a raging war between the natural kind and the engineered kind. The war continues to grow bigger day by day...


The top 3 pool colour trends of 2018     by   Jumbuck Pool and Home Fencing

22 January 2018

glass pool fencing Even in the midst of the swimming season, one can make out that pool colour trends are lively and are here to stay for good. If you own a pool, you certainly owe it to yourself to be updated about all the latest pool trends and which of them in particular suit your purpose...

Construction industry’s fortune cookie, “Embrace innovation to increase productivity”     by   AutoCAD Drafting India

22 January 2018

Construction industry’s fortune cookie, “Embrace innovation to increase productivity” The construction industry has come a long way when in terms of embracing innovation. Leading Architectural engineering firms are running a race to build smarter cities aptly with help of BIM...

Essential Scaffolding Safety Tips     by   Ashley Wilson

16 January 2018

Scaffolding workers Safety The safety of the workers is paramount in any type of construction project...

5 Reasons to Install a Backyard Spa     by   Derek Lotts

12 January 2018

You’re thinking about getting a pool, but you’re concerned about the space. Perhaps an outdoor hot tub sounds more fun? If you like to swim, why not get both? With a swim spa, you get all the therapeutic and relaxing features of a spa, but also get to swim against the strong jet current...

Clean Swimming Pool: Essential for a Healthy Living     by   Albert Clamark

10 January 2018

Have you ever thought about owning a swimming pool? Did you know that swimming can be really beneficial for your health? Owning a pool is a great idea, but is a huge responsibility as well. Without the proper maintenance, you can forget about reaping the benefits of swimming...

Cheap leads can kill: What to look for to be safe     by   RETHINK Electrical

10 January 2018

This is what will happen if you go with the 'cheap' choice for electrical equipment! When you're shopping for electrical equipment, it can be a lot easier to choose the cheaper option. The naked eye can't detect the quality of the wiring and parts behind the packaging...

6 Tips for effective pressure cleaning at home     by   Albert Clamark

09 January 2018

A cleaner home is one where you and your family can reside in a healthier environment, keeping all diseases at bay. Since there are numerous ways to clean your home, pressure cleaning serves to be one of the most effective cleaning techniques...

5 Key Things Every Tradie Needs to Know to Run a Successful Business      by   Jayde Walker (Ferguson)

08 January 2018

The mining boom may have slowed down but tradespeople are still in high demand (and probably always will be). To run a successful trades business though, you need to have the right tools. And I’m not just talking about drills and wrenches...

How to Keep Your Furniture Safe in a Self Storage Unit     by   Ashley Wilson

05 January 2018

Storing away your antique possessions and furniture in a storage unit when moving, is one of the difficult tasks. However, storing them is important because furniture can easily end up creating unnecessary clutter...

Clear the Clutter in 2018: 20 Things to Throw Away     by   Selby Acoustics

05 January 2018

One of the most popular New Year’s Resolutions is cleaning up around the house. Whether it’s a major cleaning or just some clutter removal, we have some help for you. Check out our list of 20 things you should throw away, you won’t even miss them but you will enjoy the clutter-free living...

Top ten signs of structural defects to a house     by   Casey Building Inspections

03 January 2018

Top 10 Signs of Structural Damage to Houses by cb_admin Everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their own home, so it can be particularly stressful when signs of structural damage are identified...

Custom Build Vs Project Build – What Are The Benefits?     by   Coast Homes

02 January 2018

We know that when you’re building a new home, one of your biggest – and often most difficult – decisions is choosing between a project builder and a custom builder. Everyone’s home-building experience is unique and you’ve probably heard a lot of different opinions on the whole process...