How to Save Money with a New Hot Water System     by   Sapphire Trade Services

27 March 2019

Are you taking your Hot Water System for granted? Your Hot Water System is the engine of your home. It is responsible for heating water for showers, washing dishes and washing clothes but did you know it contributes to almost 30% of your home’s energy bill each month...

Lighting Design Tips for Your Small House     by   Derek Lotts

22 March 2019

Everyone who has a small house knows the struggles of lighting the space properly. Light fixtures for small spaces are not easy to choose while natural light is minimal. But, not everything is so bleak. Here are a few lighting design tips that will bring light to your small house...


The Benefits of Laminated Kitchen Doors     by   Adam Smith

19 March 2019

When it comes to understanding your kitchen and choosing the best way to decorate it, sometimes it can be useful to gain further insight into the material available to you. Understanding the options of material available to you could help you to identify what sort of kitchen you want to build...


Common Plumbing Repairs Every House Needs     by   Emma Sneddon

19 March 2019

Every homeowner in Melbourne knows that keeping and maintaining your home’s plumbing system in good working order will save you money in the long term...

Want to Install a Home Fireplace? 7 Things to Keep in Mind     by   luckyhomeimprovement

18 March 2019

7 Things to Remember When Installing a Fireplace An indoor fireplace for your home can improve your life in a number of ways. You’ll have a direct source of radiant heat in winter, keeping you warm...

Adding a Rustic Feel to Your Home Decor      by   Derek Lotts

15 March 2019

For the longest time, technology and modern appliances have been dominating our homes both when it comes to its functionality and its style. There’s an appeal to minimalistic and monochromatic home designs since they are neat and bring out the features of your home architecture...


Roof Restoration Tips     by   Derek Lotts

14 March 2019

At one point, every house comes into a state when the owner has to decide whether to replace the roof altogether or try restoring it. The best answer to this question depends on how much damage has your roof sustained over the years, as well as on the opinion of a professional roofer...


Types of Kitchen Designs You Can Opt For     by   ozinfohub

14 March 2019

The layout or design of the kitchen has a major role to play about the quality of time you spend in it. Whether you are building your first house kitchen or renovating your existing one, giving attention to latest designs can change your entire cooking experience...


Different Types of Kitchen Cabinets that You can Look through for Kitchen Remodeling     by   ozinfohub

13 March 2019

Remodeling a house can be an exciting as well as strenuous time for the family. Kitchen is a small part of your house and you need to refurnish your kitchen with some storage cabinets...


Know How to Go Smart with Home Automation     by   Zane Todd

12 March 2019

Technological advancement has made its footstep into your home. Home automation allows you to have control over every aspect of your home. Its potential continues to grow. The budget for buying a fully automated home can be overwhelming...

Choosing a deck for your pool or spa     by   DECO Australia

08 March 2019

Summer in Australia is all about the outdoors. For many homeowners, spending summer lazing around on the back deck or beside the pool is the best way to enjoy that Aussie sun. But which deck is the right deck? There are a few questions you need to consider when choosing a deck...

How much does cladding really cost you?     by   DECO Australia

08 March 2019

What comes to mind when you think about cladding costs? Perhaps material costs are the first thing that comes to mind. There are many factors beyond the purchase price of materials that need to be considered for a project...

How to Stylishly Screen Casement and Awning Windows     by

07 March 2019

Screening casement and awning windows have not always been available as an option for your next building or renovation project. Thankfully, nowadays, screens are discreet and fit perfectly into both design and practicality, and is a choice most Australians opt for...


Hot Trends Shaping the Face of Kitchen Design     by   Derek Lotts

03 March 2019

Last year brought a lot of innovations in the world of kitchen design, such as concrete surfaces, glass backdrops, brass everywhere, industrial faucets, as well as modern kitchen islands. However, this year took all of those trends and lifted them up a notch...


Bedroom Lighting: How to Properly Arrange It     by   Derek Lotts

03 March 2019

People spend about a third of their lives sleeping, so it’s essential that their bedrooms are well-designed, comfortable and serene so that they can fully relax and recharge for the challenges each new day brings...


What to Consider When Expanding Your Home     by   Derek Lotts

02 March 2019

Expanding your home is sometimes a necessity and sometimes a luxury. No matter what the reason is, it’s a tremendous undertaking that requires a lot of time and effort. Even if this expansion is small, it usually creates chaos in the household that can stretch weeks on end...