Indoor plants for your Interior Design     by   Luxedesign by DAT

30 April 2020

In today’s living environment, especially if you are in a very busy and active city, there is a small percentage of chances to alleviate the stress. Nature gives this natural feeling of relaxation that every weary soul needs...

Outdoor blinds that have us in Aw(ning)!     by   BUILD

29 April 2020

Outdoor blinds are very versatile. External awnings offer both air flow control and sun protection, effectively shading the windows of your home to aid in temperature management. Their ability to block out a harsh sun during the summer also results in savings on cooling systems...

Greening your balcony     by   BUILD

29 April 2020

Now, more than ever, having an outdoor space is vital. In these COVID-19 times, those of us who are lucky enough to have an outdoor space should feel truly lucky...


Don't get complacent on home safety     by   BUILD

29 April 2020

Make sure your pool is properly secured. Building and Energy is urging parents of young kids to be extra vigilant about potential hazards as youngsters spend more time at home due to COVID-19...

The garage – suddenly the most versatile room in the house!     by   BUILD

29 April 2020

The garage is a versatile room in these pandemic times. Many families are experiencing a strange new world of having everyone at home all day, every day...


Quick questions regarding cleaning your air conditioning filters     by   All Air Services

28 April 2020

Now that you have plenty of time on your hand and are stuck at home, what about doing a little bit of cleaning? By now you've probably been in isolation for a few weeks and boredom might have finally taken over your day...


How to keep your garden blooming in winter     by   Anna Hayes

28 April 2020

For many home and garden-owners, winter is the season when their garden is all but forgotten. However, it can be a relaxing and rewarding time to be outdoors whether it’s spending time gardening, chilling with a book in a sunny spot, or enjoying a barbecue...

Four benefits of installing a rainwater tank     by   Adelaide Natural Rainwater Solutions

28 April 2020

A rainwater tank at the back of a home. Many people don’t know about the true perks of having a rainwater tank at home. But you can find it out by reading the following benefits. 1.Less Erosion & Flooding Saving rainwater can help the environment on a bigger level...

High in durability and eco-friendly, concrete is the best flooring material for sustainable living     by   Tarkine Creative

28 April 2020

Concrete Polishing Perth Constructing homes that are eco-friendly as well as environmentally friendly has come to be the concept for many Australian building contractors and property owners, as they find exactly how simple it can be to achieve all the benefits of a long-lasting flooring solution wit...

Why is a New Home Inspection in Sydney Essential     by   Elison Evan

24 April 2020

Building inspections that could be any property or new home inspections give you informative and decisive opinion about the physical condition of the building. This advice prevents you from extra costs and problems you might face after buying it...

Stylish outdoor spaces: DECO’s top front garden trends     by   DECO Australia

24 April 2020

Curb appeal is an important aspect of any home design. The front yard is a visitor’s first impression of your home, so it is important to make a lasting impression. DECO offers a range of garden solutions that will make the front of your home memorable and are certain to impress the neighbours...

DecoBatten adds striking design to Oak and Orange’s Palm Springs Retreat     by   DECO Australia

24 April 2020

DECO Australia’s leading range of timber-look aluminium battens have added the final touch of mid-century modern design to Oak and Orange’s newest project, ‘Palm Springs Retreat’ in rural New South Wales...

How 3D Printing Is Revolutionizing the Housing Industry     by   Natalie Hutchins

23 April 2020

3d printing The housing industry has gone through some significant changes in the past couple of years. We are living in an age of rapid technology development, and new tech solutions are affecting various industries...

'Tap' into a new look     by   Anna Hayes

23 April 2020

Fancy an upgrade to your taps? Kohler has create a new collection of tap-ware, Components, allowing homeowners to mix and match components to design their own individual look...

How to Make the Right Living Room Decoration     by   Algedra Interior Design

22 April 2020

Having a spacious living space helps you to maximize the quality, comfort and relaxation of your time at home. In order to achieve a bright and spacious living space, you can take advantage of many different decoration ideas...

Bifold Vs Sliding Doors: Everything You Need To Know     by   russellbutlere

17 April 2020

Whilst exploring the various door options available in the market for your new home, you might find yourself torn between the aluminium bifold doors of Sydney and the convenience of sliding doors...

How are suspended slabs built?     by   Concreting by R&A

15 April 2020

Concrete Suspended Slabs Suspended slabs are upper floors of the ground that do not come into direct contact with the Earth. They are often used to build floors for the upper stories of the house, but they can also be laid on top of the pre-built walls to form a floor...

Outdoor space? Light it up!     by   BUILD

15 April 2020

Just because the summer has departed, it doesn't mean that your garden is off limits. The Australian climate is temperate enough that there will be plenty of warm nights for a while yet and, if your space is nicely sheltered, maybe even a little long...

Tips On Finding The Best Pavers For Your House     by   Olive Smith

14 April 2020

It is a good practice to beautify your outdoor space so that it reflects who you are. There are many benefits of making your outdoors look good; one of the main advantages is it ensures you have a good place to relax...

Increase Your Home's Value with These Home Improvement Tips     by   Elison Evan

13 April 2020

A home is a place of comfort and security. A well-groomed house adds up value to not only your house value in the market but also increases your standard of life. Speaking from a personal and public opinion, an economic and modest look of the house boosts up your mood and vibes...