The Different Types of Insulating Glass Units     by   Beijing Northtech Glass Co., Ltd

26 November 2021

Strong, resilient and with perfect thermal and acoustic insulation properties, insulating glass is already in use in applications around the world, from domestic dwellings to large buildings. Its unique design structure makes it an ideal glazing material and a product with strong growth prospects...


Make your space stand out with Slate Tiles     by   Stone Depot

25 November 2021

Thinking of an alternate way to bring your indoor and outdoor space to life? Slate Tiles is an underrated option that can transform your space effortlessly. The metamorphic rock has fine grains of clay and volcanic ash that form beautiful and tough layers...

Three ways to renovate a bathroom on a budget     by   BUILD

24 November 2021

Giving your bathroom a new lease on life doesn't have to break the bank! As many DIY experts will tell you, even the smallest changes can instantly refresh a space!...


Determined To Build Beautiful Bathrooms In Your Stylish Way?     by   Saba Renovations

15 November 2021

Before you proceed with your desires of refurbishing your bathroom at pocket-friendly prices, it’s better to consult with a team that has got all your bathroom needs covered under one roof...

HOW TO CHOOSE SHINGLE TILE?     by   Hangzhou Singer Building Materials Co., Ltd.

04 November 2021

Shingle tile manufacturer will share this article about shingle tile with you. 1.Do not touch these blind spots 1)Do not choose tiles according to the types of tiles...