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Directors - Robert Bortoli, Licensed Surveyor, FIS, Bach AppSc (Surveying)
Scott Wellington, Licensed Surveyor, MIS Bach AppSc (Surveying)

Bortoli Wellington Pty Ltd. was incorporated in 1995, with an objective to providing survey services to organisations and individuals. The services provided by the firm are continually monitored and updated to industry standards to further enhance the service provided to our clientele.

The company is a member firm of the Association of Consulting Surveyors and the directors are members of the Institution of Surveyors, Victoria.

The directors, Robert Bortoli and Scott Wellington have, in total, in excess of fifty years experience in the land surveying industry encompassing all facets of the profession.

All projects undertaken are directly supervised by one or both of the directors with the assistance of experienced survey technicians and assistants, computer draftspersons and various contractors with specific skills.

Company Expertise

• Title Re-establishment, boundary definition surveys
• Applications to amend title
• Consolidation, creation and removal of easements.
• Level and feature surveys
• GPS Surveys
• AHD Levelling, flood level determination
• Unit subdivision and Body Corporate Subdivision
• Infill Residential Subdivision
• Green fields residential subdivision (40-400 lots).
• Water Authority Asset Recording
• Construction set-out
• Property Development Investigations
• Due diligence surveys.

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