Budget-friendly Kitchen Benchtop Options

24 January 2019

The right kitchen benchtop makes all the difference in a room. It can’t just look good, it need to work hard without costing an arm and a leg. Is it possible to find a budget-friendly benchtop option? Of course, you don’t want to have to sacrifice style or functionality either, so you make sure you do your research before undertaking any renovation. Most people have the desire for natural stone and granite, but the money spent there might go towards more practical purchases. If you want to save money, look into laminate kitchen benchtops, tile, and more.


Known for its low price and simple maintenance, laminate kitchen benchtops are a top choice for budget kitchen renovations. At just a fraction of the cost of stone, laminate is a quality option that has many benefits. Durability is a major plus since this material is very difficult to chip, crack or damage. Even if it gets scratched, the repairs are simple and cheap, while fixing stone can be troublesome. Brands like Laminex are made in Australia and manufactured to specifically resist heat, moisture, and bacteria. Laminate benchtops have definitely come a long way in the past few decades, plus the range of colours and styles, so you can still design a beautiful kitchen.  

Stainless Steel

A staple in commercial kitchens, stainless steel benchtops are making the leap to residential homes across the country. Although more expensive than laminate benchtops, they are still far cheaper than natural stone options. Metal has the added benefits of serious durability and industrial ambience. With a simple wipe-down it is clean and won’t stain from spills. It can dent and scratch over time but is mostly resistant to typical use. If it can handle restaurant kitchens, stainless steel can surely withstand the average home-cook.


Although tile benchtops were once the first thing to go in many kitchen renovations of older homes, there has been a resurgence in this retro trend. Given the endless options in tiles, there’s no wonder this is popular with the DIY crowd. You can choose the tile size, colour, material, shape, and pattern, so the kitchen benchtop you design will be custom to your taste. The risk of chips and damage is higher than many other materials, but there are strong and treated tiles to help minimise this risk. Additionally, cleaning is easy, and there’s no need to worry about placing down hot pans or trays.


Natural wood can instantly change the feeling of a room and make it warm and inviting. Wood benchtops are gorgeous additions to any kitchen, and with the variety of types, stains, and colours, they can match many different styles. Depending on the wood, it can be relatively inexpensive, but it does require frequent maintenance, which can turn some away from choosing it. However, it is a great eco-friendly option that will last a long time if properly cared for.

Kitchen Renovation Help

If you need help planning your kitchen renovation or picking the right kitchen benchtop, contact eKitchens. Based in Western Australia, the local team can assist with everything from cabinet selection to sinks and more. They carry a couple different laminate kitchen benchtop options to meet any budget. Contact the team to learn more


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