Build Your Castle: The Top 5 Best Home Renovations for Resale

16 May 2019

When selling your home, whether now or down the road, it can pay off to bump up resale value with some renovations, especially if you sell during a buyers market. That's when there is a flood of homes for sale so buyers tend to bid under the listing price. Because they have so many choices.

If your home is in top condition, you stand to get a better price or at least stand out in the crowd. Plus, if you don't plan to sell for a while, you get to enjoy the renovations!

But what are the best home renovations for resale, you ask? And what should I do to make sure my investment pays off?


To help, we've put together five great renovations that increase home value. Keep reading to see which improvements speak to you and then get started.

1. Small Bathroom Remodel

If you're looking for a full return on home improvements, you should be flush with this. Think investment of around ten grand. Look for a new tub, floor, sink, fixtures, and tub. Go with white and no shower doors to make the room look bigger if needed. Give it a fresh coat of paint. Hire an affordable designer if needed.

2. Exterior Improvements

Make a great first impression by giving your front door a fresh coat of paint. And replace it if needed, like if it squeaks. Think about new hardware too if you're not replacing the whole thing.

Another great renovation is to upgrade your siding to fiber cement. You're likely to recoup and then some. Repaint the whole house if needed but be sure to get advice or use paint color charts so it all works together, trim and siding included. 

3. Fresh Landscaping

This is another one that will return your investment and give your house a fresh makeover. Think five grand for the work, plants, and designer. Vary plant heights. Add some big splashes of color with flowers.

4. Get a New Garage Door

This is another easy renovation that gives your house a fresh face. Plus, it's a low investment and it should up your resale value almost enough to cover it. Call around your area for prices. These are pretty basic, and with all renovations, you don't need to go overboard. 

5. New Windows

You are just scoring with these easy fixes. New windows are another facelift improvement with benefits. Yes, they look nice and brighten up your place, but they also are super practical because they can boost insulation and decrease energy costs.

While you're at it, think about solar panels, especially if you're in a sunny area. They too will cut down on energy costs. Be sure to go with a reputable solar company. Call ahead to ask questions. 

The Best Home Renovations for Resale

Now that you know some of the best home renovations to recoup your investment and stand out in the home market, you're ready to jump in. Did any stand out to you? Start with those and the ones that seem easy. And if you're not yet ready to sell, go for it anyway so you can enjoy the improvements yourself and then recoup later when you do sell.

Keep reading to find out about how to choose the right new windows if that's one of the renovations on your list.


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