BUILD NEWS - May 2021

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A comprehensive guide to underfloor insulation     by   BUILD

31 May 2021

Home insulation DIY projects often focus on exterior walls, ceilings, and other parts of the house, but one part of the house that can easily get overlooked in insulation projects is the flooring...

The Evo-loo-tion of the bathroom     by   BUILD

07 May 2021

We’re having a bit of fun on this week, diving into some research from QS Supplies who aimed to visualise five centuries of different bathrooms. While the functions have remained the same, the rooms themselves have changed drastically...


The new look of water conscious style     by   BUILD

07 May 2021

A new shower, designed by Methven, is aimed at looking great while also keeping utility bills and water usage to a minimum...

Have wood heaters serviced before warming your home     by   BUILD

07 May 2021

As the temperature drops and the autumn leaves fall, Victorians are warned to have their wood heater serviced to avoid a potential fire hazard. It is important to have a wood heater serviced regularly to reduce the risk of unintentional fire...

Water tanks to tap into winter rains     by   BUILD

07 May 2021

As winter approaches and wet weather follows, now is the time for Victorians to consider collecting one of nature’s free and precious resources – rain...

Make your garden thrive this winter     by   BUILD

07 May 2021

With the weather cooling down, now is the ideal time for gardening, growing veggies and planting colourful trees. Melissa King, horticulturalist and Northcote Pottery ambassador shares some simple tips to make the most of your garden this Autumn...