BUILD NEWS - Jun 2023

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Sydney beach Frazer House blends old with the new     by   BUILD

30 June 2023

Frazer House is a classic mid-century modern masterpiece that has been lovingly restored to its former glory by homeowner Linda Frazer...

Turning up the heat in your bathroom this winter     by   BUILD

28 June 2023

With the winter chill settling in, households are looking for ways to transform most of their home into a cosy oasis, though don’t know where to start when it comes to the coldest space, the bathroom...

Healing Architecture: The Importance of Design Considerations When Creating Spaces for Healing      by   BUILD

19 June 2023

The importance of good design in healthcare cannot be overstated and there’s a growing body of research demonstrating that patient outcomes are significantly influenced by the physical setting and environmental quality of a healthcare facility...

Permeable paving for sustainable stylish landscaping     by   BUILD

07 June 2023

Creating sustainable homes is rapidly becoming central to design and architectural considerations as we continue to integrate new and innovative ways to minimise our impact on the environment...

Big River Group’s Spotted Gum enables a cohesive flow in Carlton North extension      by   BUILD

01 June 2023

A family of five, with three teenage children, adapted their inner-city home to suit their growing needs...