BUILD NEWS - Oct 2023

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Window covering solutions for multi-functional living spaces     by   BUILD

18 October 2023

There has been a transformative shift in the way we use our homes in recent years as our lifestyles have evolved, and Australian homeowners are increasingly looking to incorporate flexible and adaptable spaces in their home’s design...

DECO Australia receives qualicoat seaside licence     by   BUILD

17 October 2023

DECO Australia, an Australian manufacturer of aluminium building products and finishes, have received their Qualicoat Seaside licence...


Elevate outdoor spaces with Adbri Masonry's durable concrete pavers and expert care tips     by   BUILD

13 October 2023

As Australian seasons transition from the cool of winter to the warmth of spring and summer, homeowners face the task of rejuvenating and maintaining their outdoor spaces...

Big River Group gets on deck     by   BUILD

11 October 2023

With access to nature on our doorsteps, it’s no surprise that Australian’s love spending time outside. An increasing demand to enjoy outdoor living at home has turned the humble backyard into an al fresco lifestyle dream...

Griege – the best of both worlds     by   BUILD

09 October 2023

After more than a decade at the forefront of interior design, grey is set to be superseded by 50 shades of brown in paints, furnishings and textiles. But it’s not quite a complete dismissal of grey. This versatile colour has stepped aside to make way for a warmer, more calming hue, being griege!...