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How to choose walls

How to choose walls

Some types of walls and materials are far better suited to different types of houses and climates than others. Find out what makes for a 'good' choice when it comes to walls.

Rectified tiles

Rectified tiles vs. non-rectified tiles: what's the difference?

Rectified tiles cost a little more, but they offer a completely different look and style to non-rectified tiles. Find out more about the differences and what's most likely to suit your needs.

A European laundry

What is a 'European laundry'?

There's plenty of debate about what the term 'European laundry' actually means. Find out what to expect - and how best to plan a European laundry.

Dishwasher installation guidelines and regulations

Because they use both water and electricity, there are certain rules and regulations that apply to how a dishwasher can be installed in your house. These exist to prevent damage to your house, and to keep you safe.