A Buying Guide to An Efficient Hot Water System

31 July 2020

When a hot water system stops working, it never gives a warning. It is very abrupt, sudden, leaving you with very little time to review other options or get it repaired. There is no choice but to brave cold showers until you can invest in a new one or get the old one repaired. When planning to get a Hot water system replacement, here are a few ways to avoid missing out on the best product. 

 Should you buy the same system again?

 Before making any decision, it is imperative to understand that heating makes for a quarter of the energy use of a typical household. Sometimes, it is more than a quarter. Before replacing the current system with the same system, it is better to review other available options. With the market flooded with so many alternatives, you might get lucky and get your hands on an HWS that reduces hot water consumption and help you save a lot of money in the long run. It may be a nature-friendly alternative and cost-effective too. So, make a careful choice. 

 Options available in Hot Water System

 The options available in the hot water system are- Solar, Electric, Gas, and heat pump. Let us discuss the virtues of a gas hot water system and why buying it can be a good decision.

 Benefits of a Gas Hot Water System

  • If you have a natural gas connection, this HWS can prove to be an ideal choice for you. 
  • It is a cheaper alternative when compared with electricity. Moreover, gas rates do not vary much making it a perfect option.
  • This system is easy to install. It hardly takes a couple of hours to install, particularly if it is a straight replacement. 
  • When investing in this system, understand that you will need a tank of about 135-170L if it is a 3-4 person household. You can also check out the instantaneous option before making the final selection. 
  • It is usually installed outdoors as it has typical venting requirements. When planning to install it indoors, get it done with a flue. 
  • Check its energy-efficiency star rating.
  • Some gas HWS comes with a pilot light which also consumes some gas amount. You can also check a more economical electric ignition option. The only problem is that during a blackout, you might be left stranded without a hot water supply. 
  • If you do not have a natural gas connection, you can look for LPG or Liquid Petroleum Gas bottles. It is costlier than the natural gas connection alternative. 

Depending on water usage and household size, you need to make the right decision. Typically, a person uses 50L water a day. Calculate your household requirements accordingly. Check out different brands and pick up the one that is known for its efficiency, operational costs, etc. This will ensure that you will have consistent hot water supply without any issue. 

Going through this guide shall help you make the right decision and choose the right hot water system for your household. 


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