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Carmel Homes was designed to be unique with a specific focus on the high-end custom home market. Our staff, organization, procedures and philosophies have been crafted around catering exclusively to the most discerning customers and building only the highest quality and most impressive homes.

What are the biggest mistakes homeowners make when choosing a custom builder?     by   Carmel Homes

30 April 2023

As part of your research and decision-making process, there are a few traps you should try to avoid. This includes: Focusing purely on price: While you want to be sure you are getting a good deal, price is not the only factor to consider...

French Provincial Kitchens | The Ultimate Guide     by   Carmel Homes

01 March 2023

If you are a fan of French Provincial homes , you know how important the kitchen is to the overall design. It is the true heart of the home and the main living spaces are usually structured around it...

The facade of a French Provincial Home     by   Carmel Homes

06 November 2022

It should be immediately obvious that a home is French Provincial as soon as you see it from the street...